Red Dead Redemption 2: How To Get The Legendary Bear Pelt (& What You Can Do With It)

Hunting is a means of sustenance, safety, and wealth in Red Dead Redemption 2. When hunting the legendary creatures, the same philosophy applies, but trophies are added to the equation. And if you’re tracking down big game, they don’t get much bigger or deadly than the Legendary Bear.

The trick to the hunt is knowing where to go, how to kill it, and what to do after you’ve finished it off. The rewards include notoriety and some completionist achievements, but there are a few iconic items and tangible benefits that come with accepting and conquering this challenge.

Get Geared Up Before “Exit Pursued By A Bruised Ego”

The bear will not appear before this quest, so don’t try to get it out of the way early. However, you will be delivered right to the location of the bear himself, so you save yourself a trip if you get ready to slay the creature before getting started.

The Legendary Bear is tough to kill and you’ll be facing him before you’ve got most of your deadeye upgrades, so you’ll need some powerful weaponry to compensate. You can buy a repeater in Valentine or hope to come across a second revolver that does some good damage.

If you’re strapped for cash, head to Rhodes and find the Gunsmith. From the outside, look into his basement and see a person crying for help. Go inside, aim a gun at the owner, and force him to take you to the basement. From here, you can make a number of choices, but there’s a free Lancaster Repeater in a box that comes in handy.

It is not possible to kill the bear during the quest (thus, the “bruised ego” part of the title). But tell Hosea you’ll catch up with him later so you can finish the job now.

Where To Go

If you weren’t geared up enough the first time, don’t worry, the bear isn’t going anywhere and you can always come back after you’re feeling more prepared. The location on the map doesn’t change if you are headed there without Hosea.

  • The bear is located in the Ambarino territory, north of the O’Creigh’s Run Lake and just above the ‘E’ in the word “Grizzlies.”

Find The Clues

  • The first clue is just to the north of where Arthur and Hosea first tried to lure the bear out.
  • Look for some broken twigs on the ground by a bush with your tracker vision.

  • The next clue is north of the last, up the valley.
  • You’ll be looking for bear scat between some rocks.

Unlike most other legendary animals, the bear only requires two tracks, so he’ll have spawned at the dead-end of this valley as soon as you examine this clue. The footprints are visible even without tracker vision.

Kill The Bear

  • Bring him down.

Remember that hides can’t be damaged, so use everything you have, whether it’s the Lancaster Repeater, two revolvers, or dynamite. Just don’t let it hit you or it’s all over.

Head To The Trapper

  • Skin the bear
  • Take the hide to the trapper and sell it.

The closest trapper is nearby, just southeast of the O’Creigh’s Run Lake. If you die before selling, the hide will count as turned in to him but you will not receive the cash.

What To Do With The Prize

  • Get The Bear Hunter outfit.

This is one of the few outfits that does not require another legendary animal to complete. Sell a perfect rabbit pelt, bison pelt, and bull pelt and you will be able to complete the set!

-Get the Bear Claw Talisman

Again, this is one of a handful of special items that only needs one legendary animal. Sell a silver chain bracelet and a quartz chunk to the fence and you’ll have access to this trinket that decreases health core drains by 10%.

Congratulations and happy hunting!

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