Red Dead Online Gets Festive Daily Challenges And Snowy Christmas Update

Red Dead Online has daily challenges that get updated – get this, right? – daily. Well, today isn't just any day. It's Christmas Eve. A day when many families around the world come together to eat, drink, and be merry. Today's wild west tasks reflect the holiday spirit perfectly.

The struggle to not eat Christmas food when you go home for the holidays is real. The cupboards can be packed with cans and packages your parents tell you not to touch. Well, in RDO you have to eat five cans of food, as well as five pieces of dry goods – take that mum.

It's also customary for at least one family member to get embarrassingly drunk. If you're not sure which one that usually is, I hate to break it to ya, but that means it's you. Order five drinks at a saloon to commemorate this.

And, the star of the Christmas meal – a hearty roast. RDO pays homage to this by asking players to eat five pieces of meat, five herbs, and five fresh produce. Roast parsnips are probably my favourite vegetable of the whole meal, but you'll have to make do with some wild carrot in the frontier. At least they've got plenty of goose and turkey for you to hunt and cook.

Finally. the holiday season is about bringing people together. So, complete the final task of the day by joining a posse with some friends and maybe tackle the other ones as a family of outlaws and bandits.

As well as the festive daily challenges, it's snowing in Red Dead Online! It's going to be a white Christmas after all. The map gets a wintery overhaul and you can get gifts and rewards for playing on Christmas Day, December 25.

The devs over at Rockstar do like to make an occasion out of a holiday or public event. On Black Friday, the daily challenges were all about visiting shops in the different towns and cities in the game.

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