Red Dead Online Christmas update brings a festive shotgun and a free gift

Christmas is being celebrated in the Old West as Rockstar add festive Showdown modes and decorations at your camp in Red Dead Online.

Just like most ongoing games, Red Dead Online has had a Christmas makeover. And despite Rockstar’s violent vision of the Wild West it’s all looking rather charming. Well, maybe not the deadly snowstorms..

Characters have been playing festive songs on saloon pianos for a while now, but Rockstar has engineered the weather to be more snowy for the next few weeks, guaranteeing a white Christmas.

This in turn will affect new versions of Showdown modes like Spoils of War, Up in Smoke, and Overrun – as well as exclusive Christmas editions of Gun Rush, Make it Count, and Last Stand on PlayStation 4. But they’ll all be gone by 6 January.

If you log on to the game anywhere between 23 to 25 December you’ll also get a seasonal gift chest, which can include anything from a Krampus double barrel shotgun to some minty plump birds.

Between 24 and 30 December you can also earn a pretty penny sending the Festive Feast Collection to Madam Nazar (a goose egg, cognac, and a thyme plump bird) and between 31 and 6 January the New Year Collection (Ace of Wands, Scotch whisky, and platinum pocket watch).

You can also still claim gifts for logging on or after 13 December. They’re not quite so Christmassy but check the Benefits section of the main menu anyway, to see what you got.

In terms of new year gifts, you can get a 1,000 XP reward for playing between 31 December and 6 January, with 25% off things like the medium delivery wagon and collector variant of the Lancaster repeater.

Finally, Twitch Prime members can get the collector’s bag and polished copper still upgrade for nothing simply by logging in and making sure their Prime account is connected to the Rockstar Social club, which you can do here.

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