Red Dead Online Bullhead Catfish, Whooping Crane, Milkweed, And Muskie Locations

Tracking down Red Dead Online’s Legendary Animals and rare plants can be a tedious and boring process, especially if you’re looking for the Legendary Bullhead Catfish, Whooping Crane, Legendary Muskie, and Milkweed. Thankfully we know the locations for all of these to make your hunting easier.

There’s never a shortage of things to hunt or gather in Red Dead Online, with rare and Legendary Animals, along with plants all over the huge map. Knowing where to find everything you’re after is tough enough, but actually catching that elusive creature once you’re there can sometimes feel hopeless. If you’re stuck tracking down the Legendary Bullhead Catfish, Whooping Crane, Legendary Muskie, or Milkweed in the wild, check out these perfect locations to find them.

Where To Find The Bullhead Catfish, Whooping Crane, Muskie, And Milkweed.

The Legendary Bullhead Catfish Location

The Legendary Bullhead Catfish has a very specific region it likes to show up in, and will only bite for a few kinds of lures and bait. For your fishing spot, you’re going to the far East of the map to Sasika Island. Start fishing on the Southwest bank by the penitentiary.

Make sure you have the Special River lure equipped and are using corn for bait since they seem to like that best. If you have the time, or are just lucky, the Bullhead Catfish tends to show up more when its raining out. Cast your line and wait for it to take the bait.

The Legendary Muskie Location

Your next fishing hole for the Legendary Muskie is not too far from where you caught the Bullhead Catfish. Just a little bit north of Sasika Island is a lighthouse just outside of the Van Horn Trading Post. Once again you need to choose your lure carefully, this time opt for the Special Lake Lure. Rather than rain, for this fish you’re hoping to go out during cloudy weather for the best odds of getting a bite.

The Whooping Crane Location

Whooping Cranes, despite not being Legendary Animals, are still an elusive and tricky creature to track down. To get started, make your way over to the Bluewater Marsh, which is at the Northern end of Lemoyne. This massive swamp is full of critters, including gators, so watch your step.

Make your way along the banks on foot, since your horse will likely scare away any Whooping Cranes and birds in the area, and keep using your Eagle Eye to make spotting animals in the tall grass easier. When you do lay eyes on one, use a gun like the Varmint Rifle since they are pretty small targets and you’ll need the accuracy.

Whooping Cranes give a lot of people trouble, so if you’ve been moving through to swamps so long your toes are starting to prune, remember to try and leave and rejoin a lobby to reset the all the animals’ spawns.

Milkweed Locations

While you’re out hunting Whooping Cranes, you might stumble across some Milkweed on accident. Whether you need it to craft poisons, Special Health Cures, restore your Health Core, or just as part of a daily challenge, it’s always nice to know where to pick up some Milkweed.

You can recognize this plant by its long stems and wide leaves with flowers. It is very common on the banks of rivers and lakes, specifically in the Bayou Nwa and Dewberry Creek areas of Lemoyne. If those areas turn up empty, since it is a relatively rare plant, it can also grow on the West side of Lagras Lake by Bluewater Marsh.

Hunting plants is much easier than animals, so feel free to stomp around and ride your horse to speed up the process. Eagle Eye will still be useful to highlight plants, and it’s a good idea to turn it on periodically as you search. You can never have enough Milkweed, so when you do finally come across some always gather as much as there is available, and its best to always keep one or two in your inventory. After all, it’s not much fun rummaging around the swamp looking for plants.

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