Red Dead Online: Best Songbird Hunting Locations

Songbirds are a fairly common sight in Red Dead Redemption 2. Aside from some feathers, a carcass, and gamey bird meat, there’s not much cause to hunt songbirds. Still, such circumstances may arise in RDR2 or Red Dead Online that will lead you to seek out these melodic birds from time to time.

Songbirds are highly adaptable birds found in every state across the wide American West, though as abundant as they are, they make themselves just as scarce in certain climates. Here are the best Songbird locations in Red Dead Redemption 2 and RDO.

Best Songbird Locations

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New Austin

  • Rio Bravo has one Songbird habitat along its western border, south of Benedict Point.
  • Up north, in Cholla Springs, there’s a more prominent Songbird population just above Benedict Pass, west of Mercer Station.
  • You may also spot Songbirds on the peninsula south of Lake Don Hulio, along the banks of the San Luis River.
  • You should find a few more Songbirds just over the border into New Austin’s Hennigan’s Stead region directly east of Armadillo.
  • Nearing Hennigan’s Stead’s North/Northwestern border should take you through some more prime Songbird territory.
  • The best area to search for Songbirds in New Austin will be along the lower half of Hennigan’s Stead before you hit the plains that border the San Luis River.
  • A smaller population can be found centrally located amid the plains along the Sain Luis River.
  • You should have luck searching around Stillwater Creek on New Austin’s eastern border.

West Elizabeth

  • North and south of Blackwater is your best bet to sight Songbirds in the Great Plains.
  • Songbirds may also be found east of Quaker’s Cove.
  • Really everywhere in West Elizabeth’s Tall Trees region is a safe bet for spotting Songbirds. If you’re having trouble, check along the Lower Montana River, the Aurora Basin, and around the Manzanita Outpost and central area of the region.
  • The songbird population spills over from the Tall Trees along the Upper Montana River north into West Elizabeth’s Big Valley region.
  • Songbirds can sometimes be seen north of the Owanjila in spots.
  • Hawk’s Eye Creek is a promising birdwatching location for Songbirds in West Elizabeth.
  • You may also try searching for Songbirds around Riggs Station and the land running southeast.
  • Monto’s Rest is also a good spot for scoping out the skies for Songbirds.
  • There are a couple of areas heading out onto the peninsula created by the Dakota River, east of Diablo’s Ridge.
  • The stretch of the Little Creek River is closest to the Dakota River and southwest of Wallace Station.


  • You should come upon a few Songbirds by circling the land surrounding Cattail Pond in the Grizzlies West.
  • Songbirds are also a common sight around the Whinyard Straight and further down the train tracks to the southwest.
  • You may have some luck searching below the Calumet Ravine.
  • The land running between the river and Cotorra Springs is also good for Songbirds.
  • Trekking the mountain ridges in the Grizzlies East is a suitable method for finding Songbirds in this half of the state.
  • Otherwise, you can try your luck around the northern banks of O’Creagh’s Run or trailing down to Moonstone Pond.

New Hanover

  • A surprising amount of wildlife flourishes along the heights above the Brandywine Drop, Songbirds among them.
  • Most of the Kamassa River from there down to Annesburg is also promising Songbird grounds.
  • The shores of Annesburg and the land running northeast of the town are also prime Songbird locations.
  • The southern half of New Hanover’s Roanoke Ridge region is spotted with minor Songbird habitats, mainly along the Kamassa River before it flows into Lemoyne.
  • On the border between Roanoke Ridge and The Heartlands, you may find Songbirds dwelling near the state border into Ambardino.
  • The Heartlands is an excellent place to search out Songbirds in general, but they are ubiquitous around the Emerald Station and Heartland Overflow area.
  • While they tend to keep out of the oil fields themselves, Songbirds can be found all around the border of the Heartland Oil Fields and over Citadel Rock.
  • Songbirds will often fly down Twin Stack Pass from the oil fields, all the way just north of Flatneck Station.
  • There’s a smaller area to check out southwest of Flatneck Station as well.
  • Songbirds also circle the town of Valentine and are known to head northeast through central Cumberland Forest.
  • In northern Cumberland Forest, you’ll find another population of Songbirds coming down from Ambardino and inhabiting the Bacchus Station.
  • The Dakota River is always a good location for scouting wildlife, and that’s no different for the Songbird. You’ll find them along the riverside in each state, but they do seem to like hanging out on that upper bend in New Hanover.
  • Trailing south from the Heartland Oil Fields, you can track another population of Songbirds south into Lemoyne.


  • Free-roaming across Scarlett Meadows should prove sufficient for finding Songbirds in Lemoyne, but if you need to narrow it down, the southern region of Rhodes and the land leading down to Bolger Glade are good starting points.
  • You may spot Songbirds within Bolger Glade itself occasionally.
  • The borders of Calliga Hall often have Songbirds hanging about as well.
  • Another prime Songbird location is the Southfield Flats and the land sprawling west towards Flat Iron Lake.
  • The isles just offshore in Flat Iron Lake may have a few Songbirds idling about if you feel like venturing out there.
  • Ringneck Creek is a common watering hole for wildlife, and it especially sees a lot of fin and feather traffic.
  • The eastern regions of Saint Denis are worth a poke if you’re in the area.

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