Real-Life Pokemon Dynamax Band Toy Coming Soon From Takara Tomy Japan

Takara Tomy has been known to make some pretty cool Pokemon toys, and their latest – a Dynamax Band straight out of Pokemon: Sword & Shield – is no exception. The company just announced that pre-orders are open for this toy that will allow you to simulate Dynamaxing.

Although it’s a toy it has some pretty neat features. There are two different modes, Dynamax and Cheer. In Dynamax mode, if you shake the band it will light up with sound effects and pretend you are Dynamaxing your Pokemon in the real world. Cheer Mode has 14 different phrases from well-known Pokemon characters including Ash, Goh, and Leon.

The Dynamax Band can also pair up with the Pokemon Mezastar Arcade Game to utilize the Dynamax feature while playing that game available only in Japan. For those who don’t know this game launched there this past September, it’s a co-op Pokemon game withs unique battle modes.

The various modes of play are  Special Tag Battles and 3v3. You can also encounter both Legendary and Mythical Pokemon One of the cool features of this arcade game is that it dispenses collectible tags. These tags contain support Pokemon players have caught that you can utilize in battle.

While this is not available in North America yet, it’s still a really cool way to combine a toy with an arcade game. Could we see Switch compatibility in the future with something like that in future Pokemon titles? The closest we currently have at the moment are Amiibo,  Pokemon Go Plus, Pokeball Plus, and soon the new bands that will be available at Super Nintendo Land.

While this toy is no doubt aimed at a younger audience, collectors and those who have access to Pokemon Mezastar will no doubt want to get their hands on it. You can order your own Dynamax Band through pre-orders via Amazon Japan with worldwide shipping available, It officially launches in Japan on February 11, 2021, for 1,980 Yen.

Until then, players will just have to keep experiencing the craziness that is Dynamaxing in Pokemon Sword & Shield for now.

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