Rare’s Cancelled Dinosaur Planet Is Available For Download

Star Fox Adventure for the Nintendo GameCube, was one of Rare’s last projects. What you may not know however, is that it started off as Dinosaur Planet. Nintendo games archiver, Forest of Illusion has managed to get their hands on a disc of the game from a private collector in Sweden.

Dinosaur Planet was originally meant to be published for the Nintendo 64. There was no intention of it being a Star Fox game, but after being scrapped by Rare, the leftovers from development essentially evolved into material for Star Fox Adventures.

Forest of Illusion managed to purchase a disc from a private game collector based in Sweden. According to their Twitter post, the build is dated December 1, 2000. This of course, means it is at one of the later stages of the game’s development just as the Star Fox characters were being incorporated.

Also, considering Star Fox Adventures launched two years later, this version will need a fair amount of hacking to be playable. “The game will currently not run 100% perfectly on any emulator. Expect many graphical issues with shadows and lighting, and some slowdown. It should however, work perfectly fine with flashcarts,” said Forest of Illusion on Twitter.

The original Dinosaur Planet, from what we know, was similar to Star Fox Adventures. Main characters included Sabre and Krystal, both of whom could be used in different locations of the game.

To switch between the characters, the player would have to use a character called SwapStone. This humanoid stone was ported to Star Fox Adventures as WarpStone and effectively did the same job. Krystal was originally set to be the main protagonist of the game. Sabre, on the other hand, was replaced by Fox McCloud who then took lead in Adventures.

Throughout the Star Fox Adventures game, the characters refer to the planet as Dinosaur planet. However, in the 2005 game, Star Fox: Assault, the planet was called Sauria, the star system Dinosaur Planet was originally part of.

Forest of Illusion has also linked to the file dump in their tweet for anyone who wants to play the original version, or something close to it.

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