Rainbow Six Quarantine: Ubisoft unveils brand new R6 game during E3 2019

Rainbow Six Quarantine has been officially announced by Ubisoft during their E3 2019 presentation.

As predicted by the leaks, Rainbow Six Quarantine returns to the series PvE roots.

Rainbow Six Quarantine will see players facing off against an “unknown and devastating parasite”.

All that was revealed of the next Rainbow Six game was a cinematic trailer, from the perspective of a character being infected by the contagion.

Monstrous growling can be heard in the background and mysterious shadows can be seen before Rainbow Six operatives come to the characters rescue.

It’s believed that Rainbow Six Quarantine evolved from Ubisoft’s now cancelled Pioneer sci-fi project.

Rainbow Six Quarantine is described as three player tactical co-op experience and it’ll be arriving in early 2020.

It hasn’t been revealed yet which platforms Rainbow Six Quarantine will be launching on.

Elsewhere during the Ubisoft E3 event the French gaming giant announced a brand new Watch Dogs game, Watch Dogs Legion, and a new service.

UPlay+ is a games streaming service that will give access to over 100 Ubisoft titles, which will be coming to PCs and Google Stadia.

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