Rainbow Six Extraction Review Round-Up

Rainbow Six Extraction is launching on January 20, and it's time to hear what the critics — including us here at TheGamer — think about Ubisoft's first major title this year. The opinions vary quite a bit as the upcoming title receives mixed scores from gaming outlets.

To begin with, check out our review by Harry Alston, who finds it hard to say whether Extraction might become a sleeper hit or will be forgotten by next week. "Extraction is a gift in the growing pile of generic co-op shooters, but it's still far from perfect," he wrote. There are some hopes the game might find its audience thanks to its availability on Game Pass from day one, but it's yet to be seen.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction currently stands at 73 on OpenCritic and at 72 on Metacritic — that's pretty decent results. Here's a rundown of scores from other leading individual publications:

  • God Is A Geek – 4.5/5
  • COGconnected – 4/5
  • The Guardian – 4/5
  • Wccftech – 4/5
  • PC Gamer – 3.5/5
  • IGN – 3.5/5
  • GameSpot – 3.5/5
  • VG247 – 3/5
  • EGM – 3/5
  • ScreenRant – 3/5

It is said that Rainbow Six Extraction is at its best when playing with friends who enjoyed Siege, and is "a refreshing addition to the co-op shooter genre that ditches endless horde slaying for refined, tactical, and stealthy gameplay." Those who had a nice time with it even think that "with enough support and new content, Extraction could set a new benchmark for co-op games," as Siege's well-tested structure is "effectively flanked by new mechanics," allowing the game to differentiate itself enough from the dense competition.

There are also some pretty harsh opinions floating around, like Extraction being a new "low point for Ubisoft," with very few innovations over what already existed in Siege. The new title "is all grind and no payoff," some say, also stressing that it "feels more like an expansion, rather than a full-blooded game." Well, at least there are few complaints about the game's technical state — that's a relief these days.

Despite some critics believing its price tag is nowhere near justified, Rainbow Six Extraction is coming to Game Pass for Xbox and PC tomorrow, so you can try it out via your subscription to figure out whether it clicks for you. The game is also available for PS4 and PS5 at a price of £42.99.

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