Ragnarok Online Gets A New Map In Its Last Major Update Of The Year

As we wind down 2020, games from around the world are all getting ready for the holidays with their final updates of the year. For Ragnarok Online, one of the oldest and longest-running MMORPGs in history, that means a large update that adds a brand new map, new quests, and new tattoos and armor.

Port Malaya is the latest addition to Ragnarok Online. A small coastal town at the southern edge of Rune-Midgard, Port Malaya is heavily influenced by Southeast Asian culture (think Malaysia and the Philippines).

The town is normally an idyllic little village, but a “series of supernatural events” have placed the town and its residents in mortal peril. You only find out thanks to a message in a bottle that beseeches the player to go visit Port Malaya and try to solve whatever weirdness is going on.

To reach Port Malaya, head to Alberta and find the sailor Optamara Crew at coordinates 237,71. He’ll take you to Malaya for 10,000 Zeny, so make sure you can afford the fare. Then talk to the port guard to gain entry.

You’ll want to speak to Port Malaya leader Phong the Mumbaki to get started, but also talk to the locals. They’ll have daily quests for you to help out around town.

Besides the new map, there’s also plenty of new monsters that are also based on Southeast Asian folklore. Like the Wakwak, a vampiric bird creature from Philippine mythology, or the Tikbalang, a horse-headed monster that likes to trick unwary travelers into getting lost. Although in Ragnarok it’ll probably just try to eat you.

Three new tattoos and a new armor set can be found in Port Malaya, so be sure to check out the vendors. And the capital city of Prontera has been fully decked-out with Christmas thematics, so remember to check out the capital for a bit of holiday cheer.

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