Quake 2 Is Free To Own Right Now, With 3 Coming Soon

When it comes to the early days of the FPS genre, there’s really no substitute for the original trilogy of Quake games. Though each game is radically different from one another–the steampunk fantasy of Quake 1, the sci-fi Strogg slaying of Quake 2, and the pioneering multiplayer of Quake 3–each of them have held up quite well over the years. Well, thanks to a successful charity drive at this year’s QuakeCon, a couple of them will be free to own soon.

If you don’t already have Quake 2, you can pick it up for free for the next 72 hours on the Bethesda Launcher simply by logging in. Quake 3 will be free to own on August 17 starting at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET, so if you fancy some old-school deathmatching, you should check it out. No word on Quake 4 yet, though it’s honestly best left forgotten.

Quake 1 was previously free to nab on August 7, so sorry if you missed out. It’ll run you $5 on Steam, but it’s often on sale for much cheaper. If you need more Quake in your life, check out Quake Champions, which went free to play back in 2018. If you missed out on QuakeCon, we’ve got the highlights covered here.

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