PUBG Player Uses Glitch To Teleport Over 2000m

A PUBG player encountered a strange new glitch, which allowed him to almost instantly teleport over 2,000 meters across the map. The player shared his experience with PUBG fans and stirred debate around how to emulate his trick.

Bugs and glitches are not something uncommon for PUBG, as indicated by massive negative user reviews on Steam. PUBG is also plagued with cheaters, adding to its list of frustrating problems. Still, the project has maintained its popularity for years, attracting thousands of veterans and newcomers to the battle royale genre.

Redditor tee1ma has shared his weird teleporting experience in PUBG by encountering a previously unknown glitch. The player was calmly flying with his hang glider over the classic Erangel map when things went south. As he touched the ground, he glitched through it right under the map and continued his journey there. Later, he collides with the ground again while still underneath the map and ends up in the water. He’s then tossed across the map and winds up 2,000 meters away.

It is hard to say if the Redditor eventually saw any benefit from his accidental stunt. His post saw plenty of upvotes on Reddit and triggered massive discussion among the game’s fans.

Players were quick to call the incident the “prime PUBG experience,” and sarcastically, “Esports ready.” Some folks were even overjoyed that the player “found a secret wormhole in the game.” Some people expressed relief that such a glitch didn’t end up crashing the game for Redditor and mentioning he was lucky he didn’t get thrown off of the map entirely.

Brendan Green’s PUBG remains one of the most popular games on Steam for years since its original release, leaving far behind CS: GO and DOTA 2.  In recent weeks active PUBG players number were surpassed by Valheim, which has now sold over 5 million units in Steam Early Access.

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