PUBG Mobile Version 1.2 Update Adds Royale Pass Season 17

The long-awaited Royale Pass Season 17 will begin in PUBG Mobile on January 19, according to a statement from Tencent. Starting today, however, you’ll be able to find some big changes on the popular Erangel map.

“Beginning today the popular Erangel map receives special runes from another world which bestow players with a special power,” reads PUBG Mobile’s latest announcement. “In the new Runic Power Theme Gameplay, players can queue for a unique version of Erangel, where they will have the choice between one of three rune energies.” Once you’ve selected your rune, you’ll get a special summon and skill boost that should provide you with new strategies on the battlefield.

Here are the three rune skills available in PUBG Mobile:

  • Flame Rune: Summon a flaming wheel that rolls forward, burning all opponents in its path.
  • Arctic Rune: Summon a 3×3 grid of ice wall for mid-battle protection.
  • Wind Rune: Summon a transparent shield of wind that reduces bullet damage.

Today also marks the expansion of PUBG Mobile’s collaboration with Metro Exodus, as a new Metro Royale: Honor chapter is now available. Collect Honor by defeating enemies before heading to the in-game store to purchase exclusive voice packs, outfits, and other rewards.

Then, on January 19, Royale Pass Season 17 will finally begin. “Boasting a Runic Power theme, Season 17 offers updated Royale Pass missions, Activity Pack events and stunning cosmetics, such as the Deadly Sickle and Guardian Armor Set,” said Tencent. “A new game variant of PUBG Mobile’s popular EvoGround Mode is also set to touch down on Friday, February 5, delivering high-tech Power Armor and Matrix Events on the condensed Livik map.”

PUBG Mobile continues to thrive on both iOS and Android, with over 400 million lifetime players. Constant updates, robust touch controls, and impressive graphics for a mobile title have kept the game atop the charts for years – and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Royale Pass Season 17 begins on January 19, while a few other updates are available today. A twist on the popular EvoGround Mode will arrive next month on February 5.

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