PUBG Mobile update time: Season 9 Royale Pass leaks ahead of Season 9

The eighth season of PUBG Mobile is about to wrap up and we're starting to get our first hints about what we can expect when the title moves onto Season 9.

PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 8 missions unlocked earlier this week for anyone that didn't get the missions on early access, and that means that we're finally heading to into the start of Season 9 territory.

The official PUBG Mobile twitter account has also tweeted Sunday evening: "With Royals Pass Season 8 drawing to a close, that can only mean Season 9 is almost here! Are you ready to battle it out, starting September 13?"

As we wait for the new season to kick off, Redditors and data-miners have already started pilfering the game's files to see what we can expect from the title in the coming days and weeks.

Tencent has not yet officially announced anything that's coming to the game in the next Season, but Reddit user IHateMOBAs19 has reported on some details leaked on Youtube by video-maker ShubhGamerz .

You can see some of the supposed Season 9 items below.

Apparently, the images come from a PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 beta build, where players can see tentative additions before they get rolled out to the player-base at large.

We can likely assume, then, that details for the launch of Season 9 will be coming in the next 24 hours.

It looks like the theme this time will revolve around Japanese samurai gear, moving on from the pirate-y inspiration of Season 8.

The title of the season is supposedly "Warriors Unite", so you can look forward to some nice gear in the coming weeks.

The lead skin will apparently be “Draconian Champion”, with a matching M16A4 to complete the look for eager players. Nice. A backpack will be available, too, that will look like the old-fashioned Japanese school bags, which is cool.

The leaks suggests that the Season 9 Royale Pass set will feature an impressive 75 rewards (but, as usual, the vast majority of those will go to the Elite Royale Pass opt-ins).

600 UC will be available as rewards if you're diligent about doing all the challenges as they appear over the eight weeks.

Stay tuned for more information as soon as we have it.

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