PUBG Mobile Update: Patch Notes revealed by Tencent for new 0.14.0 release

August 14 has seen a new PUBG Mobile update released in all major regions for Android and iOS gamers.

The new patch has been slowly rolling out today, region-by-region and most players should have been able to access the download by now.

Today’s big launch includes an array of new content, including the special Infection Mode.

This is a new twist on the original Zombies mode released for PUBG Mobile and contains some interesting clashes between fans.

Infection Mode split players into teams, with some taking the roles of the undead attackers.

After the match starts, players are randomly divided into Zombies and Defenders, with the defenders able to use firearms.

The new PvP mode will allow Zombies to only use melee attacks and abilities with cooldown times.

The good news is that zombies can be revived after being defeated by Defenders, while Defenders will be turned into Zombies after being killed by Zombies. It sounds pretty tough for the defending team, with a growing number of threats popping up on the island.

However, if one Defender survives, then the Defenders win and that’s going to make things pretty interesting when it comes to tactics.

“Earlier this year, PUBG MOBILE teamed up with Resident Evil 2 to give the classic battleground a sinister undead makeover with the introduction of zombie mode,” a message from Tencent explains.

“In this hit version of PUBG MOBILE, players test their grit against hordes of monsters to survive until dawn.

“For the first time ever, players can now drop into an all-new asymmetric player vs. player zombie infection mode where they are divided into Zombies or Defenders.

“While Defenders are equipped with firearms, Zombies can only use melee weapons and special abilities with cooldowns to take down and infect Defenders. If all Defenders are infected, the Zombies win.”

Another big part of the update is the new Global Treasure Hunt, which is divided into 4 stages, each with its own map.

According to Tencent, there are seven levels for each stage, and two missions for each level. But these aren’t the only changes, with Tencent also releasing a massive patch notes list.

This can be found below and includes all the major tweaks made in PUBG Mobile update 0.14.0.

New Features

New Infection mode and map.

  1. New character system – unlock more appearances and skills

  2. Pirate main menu theme, and the million-dollar Global Treasure Hunt

  3. Royale Pass Season 8 with popular items restocked

Important Updates

  1. Infection mode

a) Asymmetric PVP mode where players are divided into Zombies and Defenders at the beginning of the match.

b) Defenders have firearms, but Zombies can only use melee attacks and abilities with cooldowns. Zombies can revive after being killed, while Defenders will turn into Zombies.

c) If all Defenders are infected, Zombies win; and Defenders win if at least 1 survived within the given time.

d) Players can customize Zombie form controls and quick chat.

e) Infection can be played in room mode.

2.New Character System:

a) Victor, the first new character, is available for free. Collect him from the Character under Workshop.

b) Victor’s skill reduces SMG reload time. His skills work in EvoGround and do not affect the balance in Classic mode.

c) Victor has exclusive outfits, with Legendary Conquest being the best one. Collect materials and level up to get unique emotes and voices.

d) Level up Victor by playing in matches. There are rewards for every level and a special reward: MVP Results Emote at level 10 (max). Get premium Character Crates with rare rewards by earning EXP after max level.

3.Pirate Main Menu Theme and Global Treasure Hunt

a) Hunt for treasures during matches to find hidden treasures. Collect gold, silver and bronze compasses to redeem rewards.

b) Global Treasure Hunt:

  1. Divided into 4 stages, each with its own map. There are 7 levels for each stage, and 2 missions for each level.

  2. Unlock the mission crate by completing 1 mission.

  3. Unlock the stage crate by completing 7 or more missions in a stage.

  4. Complete all 56 missions to unlock the final reward.

  5. Complete any mission of a stage to join the lucky draw and win the PMCO travel fund. There are 10 winners for each stage.

  6. Background download added to iOS

iOS players can now switch the app to background while downloading updates.

  1. Android Resources Pack: Reduced the size of Android installation package and added a new Resources Pack, which contains some rarely used resources that are displayed with a placeholder icon unless the Pack is downloaded.

  2. Daily Mission System Update:

a) Reduced the number of missions and upgraded the rewards.

b) Daily Missions, other than the Login Mission, are released randomly. Players can switch to other random missions in the pool up to 3 times a day.

  1. Level V and rewards added for some achievements.

Improvements and Bugfixes

  1. Performance and Compatibility

A. iOS platform thread scheduling adjusted, reduced the power consumption and heating of some iOS devices

B. Smoother experience for getting on/off or driving vehicles

C. Improved firing fluency when multiple players enter the final circle

D. Smoother experience for when other players and Air Drops come into view

E. Classic mode runs more smoothly on some low-end devices

F. Backpacks now open faster on some low-end devices

G. Items can now be picked up and equipped faster on some low-end devices

H. Smoother revive experience in Team Deathmatch mode

I. Improved airstrike effects on low-end devices

  1. Inventory UI is now more user-friendly.

  2. Outfits: when new outfits conflict with the currently equipped outfit, the old outfit will be unequipped display the new one.

  3. Shop visual improved: new background, new lighting effects, adjusted camera Angle, highlighted the display for more depth and texture.

  4. Armory visual improved: added halo, modified scenes, highlighted the display effect of firearms to make them look heavy and more realistic.

  5. Portable Closet: the UI will be collapsed when players stop tapping the icon. Added “undo changes” icon to restore the previous outfits with a single tap.

  6. Improved Lucky Spin and crate opening experience.

  7. Improved the Rankings background to match the overall visual.

  8. Improved Team and Friend interfaces. Players can now view friends’ avatars on the main menu. Friend button will pop up only when players expand the Team interface.

  9. Added the Middle East server to Crew Challenge for players in that region.

  10. Shop/Supply visuals: new background, adjusted icon design, information display and button locations. Please pay attention to the changes.

  11. Fixed climbing related bugs.

  12. Fixed a bug where character models got stuck in buildings.

  13. Fixed a bug where Zombie got stuck in walls in Survival mode.

  14. Fixed a bug where linked social account could not change avatars.

  15. Fixed a bug where Backpack models in the main menu were not displayed correctly.

  16. Fixed a bug where nicknames were misplaced on the Clan page.

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