PSN Down: PS4 Server Status latest as PlayStation gamers report problems

Gamers are reporting problems using PS4 servers tonight, with console owners reportedly struggling to access core features.

According to down detector sites that track major outages, problems began at 9am this morning in the UK.

And for now, it’s unclear what is causing today’s issues or how long they might last.

One user writes: “Anyone encountering this issue? On one account I’m getting a server communication / ongoing maintenance error and can’t sign in, when I switch to another account it connects instantly and without issues. The problem appeared this morning; both accounts worked fine up till now.”

Another adds: “Yeah, this is happening to me too. I can’t access any of my games because I buy them all digitally.”

Sony PlayStation has not provided an update on what might be causing today’s problem or what areas are worst affected.

But an update is expected from the official PSN support team if this morning’s outage continues throughout the day.

Problems that have been flagged so far include being unable to play games bought digitally from the PlayStation Store, along with other online connections.

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