PSA: You Can Use Margit’s Shackle To Reveal Hidden Walls In Elden Ring

Out of all the horrifying and deadly beasts that FromSoftware pits players against, there are one or two that are weak to certain items due to lore-based reasons. The most famous example is probably Father Gascoigne's weakness to the tune of his daughter's music box in Bloodborne. Elden Ring's Margit the Fell Omen is another one of these bosses, as players can use the item Margit's Shackle to render him completely helpless for a few seconds during his first phase.

These items usually don't have much use outside the boss fights themselves, but Margit's Shackle seems to be a special case. First discovered by Redditor NateThePunk2, this handy little item seems to have the added side effect of revealing hidden walls whenever it's used in close proximity to them. As can be seen in NateThePunk2's video linked below, they slam Margit's Shackle into the ground and the hidden wall in front of them disappears entirely.

It's pretty plain to see that this newfound use for Margit's Shackle will save Elden Ring players a fair bit of time. FromSoftware is notorious for hiding little secrets in places where players least expect them and fans will stop at nothing to find them, as shown last month when an Elden Ring player discovered a wall that only disappeared after being hit dozens of times. Having an item that tests a bunch of walls at once will definitely save players from spending lots of time stabbing concrete.

Elden Ring players have been guessing as to why Margit's Shackle has this effect, with some speculating that the item emits an invisible, non-damaging area of effect attack that binds Margit when hit. Since hidden walls only need players to interact with them to break them, it seems plausible that this might be the case. It's unknown whether FromSoftware actually wanted the item to have this effect, but at least Elden Ring players have a handy way to check for hidden secrets for now.

If you want to find Margit's Shackle to do some secret hunting yourself, you can purchase it from the lovable scamp Patches once you defeat him. For a more in-depth explanation of how to find it, you can read our guide here.

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