PS5 UK stock email scam warning: Don’t fall for this FREE PlayStation 5 con

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Despite launching over a year ago, it’s frustrating to see that the PlayStation 5 is still routinely out of stock. The lack of availability has led to customers seeking out alternatives, whether that’s religiously following stock checker accounts, turning to the overpriced second-hand market, or maybe even entering competitions. Of course, when you’re going off the beaten path so to speak, you need to be careful about potential scams. Some PlayStation fans have received emails claiming to be from Sony, complete with offers to receive a free PS5 console as part of a fake beta program. Needless to say, this isn’t legit.

The email starts by telling recipients that they’ve been chosen to become a beta tester for the PS5 – despite the fact it launched in November 2020. 

“Your email was previously used to log in to the Playstation Network (we didn’t check when, where or what, it was a pure random selection) – since we still don’t have any real user feedback on the new Playstation, we randomly selected 150 people around the world, and you are one of the lucky ones,” it continues.

“To accept the invitation to the beta program and receive the PS5, we kindly ask you to click here and answer a few questions.

“When you’re done, you’ll immediately see if you’ve been granted access and can continue by entering your shipping address.

“Please note, this is the last time we will contact you about access and the invitation link above will remain active for the next 24 hours.”

Needless to say, you shouldn’t click the link, enter any personal details, or download the PDF attachment.

You can usually tell if an email is fake by checking who it’s from and looking out for spelling mistakes. 

If you’re desperate for a PS5, your best bet is to follow some of the more popular stock checker accounts on social media. You should also check the Express Gaming page for restock news updates and live blogs.


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