PS5 system UPDATE adds lots of really useful features: Here’s how to access update early

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Sony has just revealed more about its second major update for the PlayStation 5. The upcoming update is an absolute beast, making countless quality of life improvements to the user experience. This includes voice commands, new accessibility settings, party chat features and the ability to better personalise your home screen and library. While the update doesn’t have a full release date for the wider public, there is a way to trial the new features early.

If you want to check out the PS5 system update ahead of its full release, then you’ll need to sign up for the beta testing scheme.

In order to put your name forward, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old, located in the US, UK, Japan, France or Germany, and have a valid PSN account.

You’ll also need to be prepared to offer feedback to Sony about the new features and whether or not they’re working and performing as expected.

Assuming you’re still interested, you can sign up for the Beta Program by visiting the official website.

If you are selected to participate in the beta, you’ll receive an email invitation to get started. Needless to say, be careful what you click when you receive an invite, because there are scams out there.

As for the update itself, the new firmware adds the ability to use voice commands to open games, apps and settings. It’s controlled through the microphone on your controller or headset.

New party options include the ability to select an open or closed gathering. Open parties are free for all friends to join sans invite, while closed parties are invitation-only affairs.

Elsewhere, new PS5 UI features include the option to filter game collections by genre, which is ideal if you’re looking for a particular type of experience.

Better yet, you’ll be able to select which games stay on the home screen. Just select “Keep in Home” after pressing the options button on a game icon.

You can only keep a maximum of five games and apps on each home screen with this particular feature, but it’s a start.

Speaking of home screen apps, the page will now display an increased total of 14 games.

Finally, it will now be easier to decline friend requests, and to report voice chats to Sony.

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