PS5 Storage Expansion Price Revealed By Walmart

We are just weeks away from the release of the PS5 and retailers all over the world are readying their shelves for the arrival of the new console. Amid all of the mayhem that this kind of preparation entails, Walmart has accidentally revealed the PS5 storage expansion price.

Storage expansions, while not necessarily new, could be a particularly big deal with next-gen consoles. Both the Xbox Series S and the PS5 Digital Edition are being billed as the “cheaper” version of the next-gen consoles because of their lower price tag. The thing is, that lower price tag doesn’t come with less advanced hardware — it comes with less storage.

If you want to increase your storage capacity, you can buy an additional SSD. Although the exact prices of each drive have yet to be officially unveiled, a Walmart price tag appears to have revealed what it will cost you to buy a 500GB SSD for your PS5.

The price tag hasn’t been verified, but it does appear to be an authentic Walmart tag. We do know that the 1TB storage expansion for the Xbox Series S will cost $219.99, so a $115 price tag for a 500GB expansion would make sense. As we saw with the early arrival of the PS5 DualSense controllers at retailers,  it’s not out of the ordinary to see signs of next-gen hardware hitting stores well ahead of their official release date.

You’re definitely going to want that storage, especially if you like playing Call Of Duty: Warzone, which will take up half of your stock storage space by itself. Game developers have also issued warnings that game file sizes aren’t going to be getting any smaller, so even with the cheaper Xbox Series S and PS5 Digital Edition, you’ll probably rack up the same overall cost due to the increasing necessity of SSDs.

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