PS5 Storage Expansion Becoming More Feasible As SSD Options Get Cheaper

If you're lucky enough to own a PS5, you may well encounter a problem fairly soon. While the onboard SSD is one of the definite upgrades from the previous gen, making loading screens far shorter, among other major benefits, it is also a bit small. As SSDs tend to be pricier than the old spinning disk hard drives, which are found in the PS4, Sony understandably tried to keep the price of the PS5 in check by fitting it with a 825GB SSD.

Unfortunately, it's not that much in practice since the console uses a large chunk for system files and the operating system, leaving about 667GB of usable memory for games. And since games these days can be pretty large files, sooner than later PS5 owners have to play another, less fun game: that of file management. Fortunately, SSD prices are now reducing and PS5 owners have been discussing the benefits of installing a secondary SSD into their consoles.

SSD prices are set to drop further, according to forecasters. One market analysis firm TrendForce predicts consumer SSD prices to decline 3 to 8 percent this third quarter (via Tom's Hardware). This reduction in prices is the result of NAND oversupply, TrendForce reports. Meanwhile, some consumers have been benefitting already through deals via the likes of Amazon, GameStop, and BestBuy.

PS5 owners have been discussing the benefits of the reduction in SSD prices more specifically, since the Sony console doesn't use proprietary memory but can take off-the-shelf M.2 NVMe SSDs. This is unlike the Xbox Series X, which requires a proprietary card in order to expand memory. Adding a secondary SSD to the PS5 has improved the experience, say some owners.

"I can't believe how well it performs.. and sometimes it loads games faster than the console's internal SSD," wrote one poster on the PS5 subreddit (shown above). "I've been most impressed with the price. There are now plenty of options to pick from and the competition is really driving even the best brands like WD, Samsung to lower their prices. This is exactly how it's supposed to be".

The thread continued with commentors noting how they picked up memory expansion on Prime Day deals, while others are holding out for Black Friday deals later in the year. Multiple posters mention how expanding memory improved their PS5 experience. "I have about 30 PS5 games on my console, and it's not at max capacity yet. It was such a game changer", wrote one.

To install a secondary SSD, owners have to take off the face plate and unscrew a couple of screws. An SSD with a heatsink then slots into the M.2 slot found in the console. Once fitted, the console will automatically format the SSD. Then, users can download games onto the additional SSD, play games off it, and move files from it to the onboard SSD or vice versa.

For those interested, we have a guide to the best SSDs available for the PS5 here.

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