PS5 release date and price news: New report backs next Xbox for big advantage

The PS5 has been backed to lose out in key areas to Microsoft’s next Xbox console.

Release dates for the next-gen gaming machines have not been confirmed, but many analysts believe it will happen in 2020.

And industry experts are already backing which company could come out on top when it comes to launch day.

According to a new report from Ben Arnold, senior director at the Consumer Technology Association, believes that Microsoft will have one clear advantage over Sony.

This comes down to Microsoft moving to launch their new Project xCloud streaming service in 2019.

Sony PlayStation, meanwhile, look set to focus more on extending their existing virtual reality, having recently announced they have sold more than 4 million PSVR headsets.

And this is where Microsoft may have an advantage over Sony, with cloud gaming the new toast of the town.

Speaking with Inverse, Arnold highlighted the facts surrounding Microsoft xCloud service, which will be available on a wide selection of devices.

“The timeline [for VR] is a little bit extended because we’re still up against the desire to have great content as a way to drive more hardware adoption, but the content can’t get funded until there’s more hardware,” Arnold told Inverse.

“As that gets figured out, all of this momentum in streaming, cloud, and subscription services will develop.”

Adding: “There’s a lot of potential in VR gaming, but we’re in a phase where the manufacturers and content creators need to get on the same page and figure how to really get consumers interested.”

Sony has its own cloud gaming service in PlayStation Now, however, it doesn’t include the same device compatibility being planned by Microsoft.

Project xCloud will be available to play on phones, tablets and desktops, and it will reportedly boast access to subscriptions live the Xbox Game Pass.

Things could change radically if Sony decides to aggressively expand its PS Now services in the future.

But for now, it appears some industry watchers are backing cloud gaming to be more successful in the short term.

Google Stadia will, of course, have a big effect on the next-gen console release and may even influence pricing and launch features.

The price of the PS5 has yet to be revealed, and neither has the cost of Stadia.

Finding out these key facts will no doubt show the resilience current Sony and Microsoft gamers have when it comes to switching to a new service.

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Patrick Weekers, Growth Director at Utomik, recently commented that downloading games is still superior to streaming in several key areas.

“The launch of Google Stadia is just another cloud streaming announcement for the gaming industry,” Weekers explains.

“However, it proves public perception of subscription gaming (and access vs. ownership) has evolved, which has caused big tech companies to scrabble for a share of the market.

“A key issue with Stadia surrounds quality and delivery. Regardless how much money you have, streaming technology still doesn’t hold a candle to downloads.

“Put simply, the technology for a fully streamed solution just isn’t there yet. 5G networks, for example, are still being tested, meaning most consumers will not be able to use this technology any time soon, let alone on all devices at any time.

“That barrier isn’t something you can punch through with capital. It can only be circumvented with a download-based system, that functions optimally with fast and slow connections and still lets you play games as soon as possible.”

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