PS5 backwards compatibility has Bloodborne at 30fps, Ghost Of Tsushima at 60fps

With hundreds of PS4 games to test out on the PS5, it looks like the console’s backwards compatibility is a welcome but imperfect feature.

With the PlayStation 5 in some people’s hands, including our own, we can confirm that it makes a strong first impression with its many impressive features.

One major aspect that will take a while to get into properly is backwards compatibility, an all-around welcome feature that was absent from the PlayStation 4 and some feared wouldn’t be part of the PlayStation 5 either.

However, with how large the PlayStation 4’s library of games is, there’s no comprehensive list of which games work on the PlayStation 5 and how well they run. It’s actually easier to list off the games that don’t work.

Testing is still ongoing but at this point backwards compatibility seems to work as well as one would expect, though it’s not without caveats.

As a reminder, the PlayStation 5 can play both physical and digital copies of PlayStation 4 games, although not all of them will allow you to automatically carry your save over.

In those instances, you’ll need to download your save file from your PlayStation Plus cloud or, if you don’t have a subscription, carry it over from your PlayStation 4 using a USB stick.

The most high profile PlayStation 4 games are those that are part of the PlayStation Plus Collection, which includes both first and third party title such as Uncharted 4, Final Fantasy 15, and Persona 5.

But so far it seems as if the results are inconsistent with some games getting a major boost and other being left relatively unchanged.

PushSquare reports that God Of War runs just as well on PlayStation 5 as it does on a PS4 Pro and also enjoys reduced loading times.

However, that means you still have to choose between resolution and performance. Favouring resolution locks it to 30 frames per second and though favouring performance brings it up to 60fps, it’s restricted to a 1080p resolution.

Bloodborne arguably gets it worst. Despite demand from fans for the game to receive an update that bumps it up to 60fps, the game is not visually different on PlayStation 5 compared to PS4 Pro.

Other first party titles not included with the PS Plus Collection appear to have benefited greatly, though. Ghost Of Tsushima, for instance, offers resolution and frame rate options and both are managing to hit 60fps consistently.

Days Gone has also received a massive upgrade on PlayStation 5 and is now capable of running at a locked 60fps at a higher resolution. And though the load times are still long, they have been cut dramatically.

Sony has confirmed that more games like these two will receive patches that provide similar upgrades, though it wasn’t specific about which ones.

It’s not exclusively first party games that are being upgraded either. Eurogamer randomly tested some games and discovered that The Evil Within and Until Dawn – two games with notoriously terrible performance on PlayStation 4 – have vastly improved framerates on PlayStation 5.

One of the biggest worries about backwards compatibility, though, is that while most PlayStation 4 games will run fine, some of them will experience errors that prevent the PlayStation from being the optimal way to play them.

For example, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, a game that Ubisoft initially claimed wouldn’t run on PlayStation 5, is otherwise playable but testing reveals that it suffers from noticeable graphical glitches and arguably looks worse than it does on PlayStation 4.

Fortunately, the PlayStation 5 does provide a warning message if you boot up a game that may suffer from errors like this. These games are also now marked with the same warning on the PlayStation Store and PushSquare has handily compiled the full and rather substantial list.

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