PS4 Surprise UPDATE: Download a free PlayStation console game bonus today

PS4 owners can check out a new free-to-play game this weekend on their chosen PlayStation console.

The first F2P title launched in October, fans of online multiplayer can head over to the PlayStation Store and download it today.

Free-of-charge for anyone who wants to test their mettle, Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 is now live on the PlayStation platform in the United States and Europe.

It’s been available in Japan for some time and has now become playable using English subtitles this week.

As many fans will already know, Battle Operation 2 allows you to fight alongside your friends in giant robots.

However, while the “suits” are powerful mechs that can be used for many battles and exploration, some tasks are best handled on foot.

Fans can also try hopping out and exploring the landscape as an infantry unit, including being able to request supporting fire to assist you in your escape.

And it sounds like there are plenty of different modes and suits to try out in the new Gundam title from Bandai Namco.


One of the most eye-catching modes available to gamers this week is the 6v6 multiplayer battles that can be found online.

“Coordinate strategic strikes or go for an all-out barrage of attacks with fellow Mobile Suit pilots around the world,” a message from Bandai explains.

“With teams of up to six people, you can explore different realistic battlefields on land and in space.

“With a variety of different terrains like canyons, deserts, mountains, and space, you’ll learn how to adapt to each environment and crush the enemy. Strive for victory to be the last team standing.”

And even better, Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 doesn’t require a PS Plus subscription to play online. The new game will require around 18GB of space on your PS4 console and doesn’t come with an English language option at this time.

You can read more about the new Gundam game and what it offers for free on PS4, below: “The time has come to jump into the Gundam of your choice and test your skills as a Mobile Suit pilot.

“In this free-to-play team battle action game, you can explore dynamic space and land environments and go head-to-head with other players in exciting multiplayer battles.

“Take a break between battles and meet with players from around the world in the online lobby at the Base Camp.

“In the Base Camp neutral area, you’ll be able to make battle preparations and freely explore the site and people around camp. Upgrade your Mobile Suit and max it out to its highest potential.

“Take your Development Points from each battle to improve your Mobile Suit’s abilities and enhance it with various cosmetic customisations.

“Try upgrades like boosting your speed, powering up your cannons, and strengthening your armour to become even stronger. With a sizable selection of Mobile Suits from all over the Gundam universe, you’ll be able to curate and expand your Mobile Suit collection with ease.”

Gamers looking for a different kind of challenge can also download the new Mistover demo on PS4.

The RPG is scheduled to release on the PlayStation platform on October 10, 2019, making this a good time to check out what is on offer. The new game from KRAFTON is an RPG roguelike, dungeon crawler, which shares aesthetics with games like Darkest Dungeon.

According to the details shared about the new demo release, this timed trial includes two playable stages, six playable classes and customisable Crew options.

Gamers can also download the current PS Plus games lineup for October 2019, which went live earlier this week.

Until early November 2019, subscribers can claim The Last of Us Remastered and MLB The Show 19 as part of their membership.

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