PS4 News: Secret Sony PlayStation game projects revealed following shock Xbox news

Sony is set to reveal a new lineup of PS4 games that will no doubt prove very popular with console owners.

PlayStation fans have now learnt that the tech giant will be unveiling several projects this week which are currently in development for the PS4 and PS4 Pro.

This follows news that a brand new exclusive is already in the works for the PlayStation 4.

SEGA has confirmed that they will be launching a new title in the Yakuza franchise, this time focusing on Ichiban Kasuga.

Still without an official release date or working title, the new game has been confirmed for the PS4 and is on the search for new voice cast members.

Details remain thin on the ground regarding the new project, which could be one of the new secret game projects being announced this week by Sony.

For those that might have missed it, PlayStation will be hosting their own live stream later this week.

Sony’s new “State of Play” conference will explore upcoming PS4 games and PSVR software and will be held on Monday, March 25.

The first episode of this showcase series will focus on new PS4 and PS VR games, meaning there must be several new projects in the works.

New game announcements will no doubt peak the interest of fans who might be wondering what Sony is planning for the PS4’s twilight years.

This will be Sony’s replacement for their E3 showcase, which will not be part of the LA expo this year.

The company will instead be releasing news throughout the year using these new State of Play events.

It’s a bold move and means that fans can expect the big news of 2019 to drop in this fashion from now on.

There are some fans who will be hoping to hear more about what new hardware is being planned by Sony for beyond 2019.

But from the wording of the official announcement, it seems very unlikely that the company would want to upstage their PS4 news with something as massive as a PlayStation 5 tease.

However, while this news will no doubt be exciting for PS4 gamers, they won’t be the only ones getting a big reveal in the coming weeks.

Microsoft has also been linked to making a surprise console announcement before May.

New next-gen Xbox consoles are expected to be revealed during E3 2019, offering fans a similar choice to the Xbox One X and Xbox One S.

One will offer more power and a higher price point while the other will cost less but support lower specs.

The good news is that both will have access to the same library of games and won’t be the only hardware announcement being made by Microsoft this year.

A new Xbox One console is reportedly in the works and will be revealed later this year. The new Disc-less Xbox gaming machine has been confirmed by multiple media sources to be in the works.

This is expected to happen in the coming months and will be called the Xbox One S All-Digital edition. As the name suggests, there will be no Blu-ray drive included and will rely entirely on a digital library.

An announcement is expected to be made by Microsoft before May; however, this remains a rumour. That means Microsoft could change their plans however they see fit, while fans should take all reports with a big pinch of salt.

Another big announcement during E3 will be further information on Microsoft’s Project xCloud. We already know much about how the company want to enter the streaming market and rival services like PlayStation Now and Google Stadia.

Xbox’s Phil Spencer recently teased that further news is set to be shared during E3, telling fans: “Obviously there was some news about E3 in the fall, and we had a discussion internally of, ‘Should we go big? Should we save some money?’ We decided, no, we’re going to do our thing.

“And we’re gonna go and be as big at E3 as we’ve ever been and I love that opportunity. I love the opportunity to be with our fans in the industry.”

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