PS4 fans and the internet lose their minds over these hidden PlayStation tips

Revealing Hidden Trophies

Let’s start off with the post that started it all, the one that RockyBalbubba posted that freaked out a whole generation of people. It turns out that you can reveal hidden trophies by pushing the square button while you’ve got them selected. This is useful if you’re trying to avoid seeing spoilers, but really want to know what you need to do. Of course, some of these can still be spoilers, so do be careful. 

Searching For Trophies 

This one is from Dark_Pump. It turns out that’s not all you can do though. If you want to find out how to earn a tricky trophy, you can actually hit the options button while it is selected and select ‘search internet’ which will take you to a web page that has guides for that trophy. Again, spoilers, but you’ve already come this far so…

Your Controller Is Talking To You

I mean, it does in some games anyway, but it turns out that’s not all. When charging your controller it actually pulses, well, the pulses actually slow down the closer the controller gets to being fully charged. It’s a good way to keep an eye on it and a nice little feature. 

Quick Screen Switch

Next, we have a useful tip from srbman, who lets us all know that you can actually switch between different screens on your PS4 by double tapping the PS button. This is a huge help to those who like chatting on PS4 or who like to multitask, even if the PS4 doesn’t like to multitask. 

Audio Anywhere

This is a genuinely odd one. TrenchFoot31 says “If you plug in the controller to a stereo system the PS4 sound will play thru it, same goes for any Bluetooth speaker you can hook up to. Useful for Netflix binging”. This could be great if you need to be quiet for whatever reason. 

The One True Tip

Finally, the most important tip of all, the one tip to rule them all. JoeyIsMrBubbles gives us some truly life-changing advice and says “If you put headphones into your controller you can block the sound of your parents divorcing” which is a game changer. Probably more useful than the others, though a little more specific as a result. 

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