PS Plus vs Games with Gold December 2019: Has Sony dropped the ball with PlayStation Plus

Sony has really delivered with PlayStation Plus over the past few months, providing subscribers with top games like Last of Us Remastered, MLB The Show ’19 and Nioh.

The PS Plus offerings have been a cut above their Xbox Games with Gold counterparts, which has led to back-to-back victories for Sony in Express Online’s monthly head-to-head.

With Sony and Microsoft both revealing their free games for the month of December, now’s the perfect time to once again pit Microsoft against Sony.

From December 1, Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be able to download Insane Robots for Xbox One, plus Toy Story 3 for Xbox 360.

This will be followed by Jurassic World Evolution and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD from December 16.

PS Plus subscribers, on the other hand, will be able to download Monster Energy Supercross and Titanfall 2 from December 3.

As you can see from the games listed above, December is going to be a much closer battle between PS Plus and Xbox Games with Gold.

Has Sony dropped the ball with its December free PS4 games? Can Microsoft close out 2019 with a victory? Read on to find out.

Titanfall 2 is undoubtedly the pick of the bunch on PlayStation Plus, earning a hugely impressive 89% rating on Metacritic.

The Titanfall sequel features the same chaotic multiplayer action as the original, as well as a surprisingly entertaining campaign mode from the makers of Apex Legends.

“Bigger weapons make better friends in Titanfall 2, the epic follow-up to the genre-redefining Titanfall,” reads a Sony post.

“Respawn Entertainment pushes the genre forward once again with a new, innovative single player campaign and multiplayer experience that reaffirms Titanfall 2 as the fastest, most visceral shooter yet.

“Combine and conquer with new titans and pilots, deadlier weapons, and feature-rich customisation and progression system that helps you and your titan flow as one unstoppable killing force. Unite and destroy. Become One.”

Monster Energy Supercross: The Video Game doesn’t fare quite as well on Metacritic, earning an overall score of 67%.

It features the official riders from 250SX and 450SX, as well as a track editor and a variety of online modes.

While not as high profile as PS Plus, the Xbox One Games with Gold line-up might surprise a few people.

Insane Robots, for example, has an impressive score of 87% on Metacritic, earning praise for the way it eases players into the card battling genre.

“Obliterate the competition in the unique card battler, Insane Robots,” reads the official description.

“With a collection of 46+ deliciously diverse robots, compete in one-on-one duels, lead a robot rebellion in survival arenas or embark on an epic 15 hour+ campaign to overthrow a malevolent robot despot.”

Jurassic World Evolution, meanwhile, has a respectable score of 76% on Metacritic. The game tasks players with running a successful dino park, managing buildings, safety and even bio-engineering new species of dinosaur.

While Microsoft is much closer to Sony in this month’s battle between Games with Gold and PS Plus, the PS4 line-up does just about edge it.

It may have a similar Metascore to Insane Robots, but Titanfall 2 is head and shoulders above the rest of the games in December.

Monster Energy Supercross is the weak link in December, although it’s not disastrous enough to swing the competition in favour of Microsoft.

Sony hasn’t quite dropped the ball with its PS Plus offerings in December, but subscribers will be hoping for better in January.

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