PS Plus September 2021 won’t include The Medium following PlayStation 5 free games update

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Fans are waiting to find out what free games will be included in Sony’s PS Plus September 2021 lineup.

And gamers have been asking members of the Bloober Team studio whether The Medium might be the new PS5 game for PlayStation Plus next month.

There have been varying degrees of speculation regarding the title’s inclusion due to the timing of its release.

As many PS Plus subscribers will already know, Sony likes to launch its free games each month on the first Tuesday.

And with The Medium scheduled to arrive on the PlayStation Store on September 3, that wouldn’t be a huge leap for it to be featured in the official lineup.

Although this seems unlikely, there have also been some “leaked art” for PS Plus September 2021 floating around online, suggesting The Medium would be included.

However, while it might sound possible for The Medium to make its PS5 debut via PS Plus, that isn’t what is being planned.

Having seen the speculation surrounding the subject and having been asked if the new rumours could be true, Bloober Team’s Tomasz Gawlikowski has shared an update debunking it all.

He posted a note on Twitter confirming that The Medium would not be part of the PS Plus lineup but that it would still be available to buy in September.

Sharing a picture of the mocked up PlayStation Plus artwork, Gawlikowski captioned the image:

“People are asking me if it’s true. No. The Medium will launch on PS5 on 3rd September, with DualSense support, but it definitely will not be available in PS+.”

So that should put to bed any further reports that The Medium will be coming to PS Plus next week.

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For those who haven’t heard much about the game, The Medium is a third-person psychological horror game that features dual-reality gameplay, allowing gamers to play in two worlds at the same time.

The Medium is among a small group of next-gen exclusives and is already available to buy for Xbox Series X.

The one difference between the two versions is that The Medium on PS5 will benefit from DualSense controller support, with the team confirming:

“Our goal is to let you feel Marianne’s reactions to what is happening as she explores and interacts with the game world, thanks to haptic feedback. For example, when she is using her Spirit Shield ability, you can literally feel in your hands as dozens of spirit-world moths hit the barrier.

“Another example is Marianne’s Out of Body ability, which lets you leave your physical body and explore as the spirit only. It’s a bit like diving, you can’t survive too long in that state, eventually you’ll suffocate if you don’t return. So the longer you remain out of the body, the quicker you’ll feel the controller pulsate – giving you a hint when it’s time to go back.

“The adaptive triggers will not only raise the level of immersion but also make the controls more intuitive. When you start charging up the Spirit Blast, the medium’s offensive ability, the trigger will resist at the beginning but gradually loosen up until it can be fully pressed – this means the blast is also fully charged and ready to discharge.”

The full PlayStation Plus games lineup will be announced by Sony on Wednesday, September 1, 2021.

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