PS Plus January 2020 COUNTDOWN: PlayStation Plus free PS4 games predictions, leaks, time

PS Plus January 2020 line-up of free PS4 games is set to be revealed, with Sony soon announcing their next PlayStation Plus free downloads. It’s that time once again when PS Plus fans are waiting to hear what will be the next free PS4 games added to PlayStation Plus. However, this time around the PlayStation Plus line-up and free PS4 games announcement is coming later than usual due to the way the month falls.

Sony typically announces their next PS Plus line-up on the final Wednesday of the month, with the new free PS4 games released the following Tuesday.

But in December the final Wednesday was Christmas Day, with the following Tuesday New Year’s Eve.

Sony wouldn’t release a new selection of free in the preceding month, which means the PS Plus January 2020 line-up announcement has been pushed back.

So now the PS Plus January 2020 line-up will be revealed on Wednesday January 1 with the next free PS4 games released on Tuesday January 7.


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Sony looks set to announce the PS Plus January 2020 selection of free PS4 games around 4.30pm UK time on New Year’s Day.

Ahead of this big announcement predictions have been made about what will be the next free PS4 games included with PS Plus.

Members of the ever reliable PS Plus Reddit page have been making their predictions about what’s coming next for PlayStation Plus.

In a post online they offered their PS Plus January 2020 predictions which includes The Order 1886, Just Cause 4, Firewatch and Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Other PS Plus January 2020 predictions include The Evil Within 2, The Last Guardian and Far Cry Primal.

The PS Plus Reddit page has an enviable track record with their predictions, correctly predicting numerous line-ups in the past.


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Members of the Reddit page predicted PS Plus games that were included in 2019’s November, October, September and August line-ups – among others.

Ahead of the reveal of the PS Plus January 2020 line-up there have been no leaks regarding what free PS4 games will be included.

But there has been another PlayStation leak that will surely get PS4 gamers excited.

The Gamstat website keeps track of listings before they are officially put on the PlayStation Store.

The site correctly revealed the Resident Evil 3 remake before it was announced by Capcom.

And they have once again revealed the existence of an upcoming release for the PS4.

According to Gamstat the PlayStation Store will soon be getting demos for Patapon 2 and the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

The latter in particular is hugely exciting with the Final Fantasy 7 Remake one of the biggest releases on the PS4 for 2020.

It’s unclear when the Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo will be released, with Square Enix yet to confirm its existence and launch date.

But the RE3 remake was leaked by Gamstat not long before Capcom actually announced it.

So hopefully this is a sign that PS4 gamers will be able to download the Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo sooner rather than later.

As we approach the reveal of a new PS Plus line-up that means time is running out to download games from the current PlayStation Plus line-up.

The PS Plus December 2019 selection of free PS4 games is made up of Titanfall 2 and Monster Energy Supercross.

These free PS Plus PS4 games will be departing the service on Tuesday January 7.

So if you want to play these free PS4 games and haven’t done so already then make sure you download them before they depart PlayStation Plus.

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