PS Plus Free Games UPDATE: New PS4 reward news ahead of PlayStation August reveal

Following a shock leak that has since been confirmed a false alarm, PS Plus gamers are now waiting for the big August 2019 news.

It doesn’t look like Sony will be sharing it this week with PS4 gamers, who may have to wait until the last day of the month.

But until that does happen and we find out what new free PS Plus games are going to be added to the PlayStation Store, there are a few other rewards worth checking out.

Alongside the monthly free games released on PS4, PlayStation Plus subscribers also get access to exclusive in-game bonuses.

A few of these are usually launched every month and can be announced for any number of titles, depending on what is being planned.

For July 2019, Sony recently released a new PlayStation Pack for Neverwinter, a free to play title from developers Cryptic Studios.

This MMORPG is based on the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying game and includes over a dozen races and eight classes to choose from.


And now PS Plus gamers can claim the Undermountain Plus Pack, which feeds directly into the new adventure Zone expansion.

“Prepare to venture deep into the caverns of Undermountain, and come face-to-face with monstrous creatures and powerful magical foes,” the official PS Plus description explains.

“PS+ members can descend into the five new Undermountain adventure zones with some extra equipment to help you on your way.”

The Undermountain Plus Pack Contains 30 Days of complimentary in-game VIP, one Bag of Holding, one Mysterious Ring of the Companion and 200 ZEN Currency.

It should be noted that ZEN Currency will bind to an account while the other items will bind to your account upon pick-up at the Reward Claims Agent in Protector’s Enclave, and can be claimed on one character per account.

There is also a number of other items and rewards that can be claimed by PS Plus members who play games like Apex Legends, Fortnite Battle Royale and Dauntless.

It follows reports of a recent leak that suggested two games from EA could be included in August’s PlayStation Plus lineup.

This was based on UFC 3 and Star Wars Battlefront 2 being seen with the PS Plus “Free” tags in the PS Store.

However, since this glitch was discovered, a new explanation for the apparent PlayStation Plus leak has been shared online.

Twisted Voxel has revealed that some titles are appearing mistakenly tagged “Free” on the PlayStation Store, due to the imminent launch of EA Access.

This error with the PS Plus tag is apparently only affecting games that will be included in the EA Access Vault.

The new subscription service will make it possible to buy EA games at a discount and will also allow PS4 gamers to trial certain releases early.

EA has not announced any discounts or free trials for EA Access on PS4; however, a promotion could be unveiled in the coming months.

And If it’s anything like EA Access on Xbox One, the PS4 version will cost £3.99 a month and £19.99 for the year.

For PS Plus gamers not looking to pick up a new subscription, the games from July 2019 can still be claimed.

This includes Detroit Become Human and Horizon Chase Turbo on PS4 and PS4 Pro.

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