PS Plus Free Games UPDATE and latest PlayStation Store PS4 deals

A new PS Plus free game bonus can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store today.

And it’s for a game that technically doesn’t require PS4 gamers to have a PlayStation Plus account.

As you might have heard, Apex Legends is one of the most popular free-to-play titles on the PS4.

Unlike other PS4 multiplayer titles, Apex Legends is both F2P and runs without the need for PS Plus.

But if you do have an active PlayStation Plus account, you can download a new exclusive bundle from the PlayStation Store.

The Apex Legends: PlayStation Plus Play Pack is available to add to your game right now and includes exclusively cosmetic items.

So it means that while the new pack includes special skins for various objects, it won’t have anything to give you a tactical boost against your rival players.

The new Apex Bundle includes six items in total, featuring two character skins for Lifeline and Mirage, two weapon skins based on the Eva-8 & R-99, and two banners that can be used with Lifeline and Mirage.


The new Apex Legends cosmetic bundle joins Overcooked and What Remains of Edith Finch as the highlights of PS Plus May 2019.

And it won’t be long before we find out what is coming next as part of the June 2019 PlayStation lineup. While Sony won’t be announcing their next PS Plus free games this week, the news will be confirmed before the end of the month.

Based on how the tech giant has done things in 2019, it appears we will find out what new PS Plus games are coming to the program on Wednesday, May 29.

This will be followed by the new games going live on Tuesday, June 4, and will likely contain two PS4 games.

There doesn’t appear to be many eye-catching deals available this weekend connected to having a PS Plus account. Having said that, there are a few PlayStation Store deals currently available to enjoy on PS4.

The PlayStation Store’s May Savings promotion is now live and features discounts on a range of titles.

Fans can save up to 70% on a host of action-packed titles including Just Cause 4 – Standard Edition, F1 2018, and Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.

These are available to take advantage of until Wednesday, May 29, the same day the new PS Plus free games for June are expected to be revealed.

In the United States, there’s another “Totally Digital” Store sale going on, featuring discounts on different games.

It appears that a lot of DLC bundles and special editions of games are being featured this weekend, with the sale expected to run into next week.

Another big bonus worth talking about this weekend includes Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2. The hugely popular Western Sandbox title received a massive update to its multiplayer mode.

And to celebrate Red Dead Online leaving the best phase, Rockstar has announced that it can be played without the need of a PS Plus account.

This is only for a limited time but is still worth checking out if you have been sticking solely to the single-player adventure.

And there’s no time to waste because the Red Dead 2 Online PS Plus offer only runs until May 27.

“For PS4 players without a PlayStation Plus subscription, you’ll be able to play Red Dead Online as part of a special bonus period from now until May 27,” Rockstar explains.

Running into the last week of May gives RDR2 fans a reasonable amount of time to put the online mode through its paces.

It should be noted that while Red Dead Online doesn’t require a subscription to PS Plus for much of the rest of May, fans still need to have a copy of the game.

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