PS Plus Free Game WARNING and the PS4 downloads you don’t want to miss

New PS Plus free games are set to be announced very soon by Sony PlayStation for May 2019.

But until they arrive, there are a few PS4 downloads and bonuses you won’t want to miss.

Up first is a new PlayStation Plus game bundle that can be claimed right now.

As many subscribers will already know, a PS Plus account rewards you with more than just multiplayer access and monthly free games.

Fans can also expect new cosmetic bundles and game rewards to be released too. And this month has seen one arrive that will no doubt prove very useful to Skyforge gamers.

Skyforge is a free game that can be downloaded right now on PS4 and PS4 Pro. It’s an MMO that’s has been available on the platform for several years and is currently offering a free PS Plus bundle, via the PlayStation Store.


The pack includes an exclusive Soundweaver class costume and colour variation, as well as three days of Premium Subscription.

According to the official listing, a Premium Subscription increases your rewards for finishing missions and provides other bonuses.

So this new bundle might make it the perfect time to see if Skyforge offers the kind of gameplay you desire. And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are a few other options to choose from this weekend.

While not a full game experience, fans can download the first chapter of DELTARUNE from the PlayStation Store. Weighing in at less than 500MB, the new title from the creator of Undertale is a sideways sequel of sorts, offering plenty of new content.

Deltrarune has an almost perfect score from the 1466 ratings it has been given so far on the PlayStation Store, making it one the best-rated demos available.

While it can be treated as a kind of sequel to Undertale, fans don’t have to worry about spoiling their completed games.

“Please don’t worry too much about that,” a message on the official site explains.

“Essentially, this is not the world of UNDERTALE. If you completed UNDERTALE, the ending and world are as you left it. If everyone was happy there, the people in the UNDERTALE world still be happy. So, please don’t worry about those characters and that world. It will remain untouched.

“To rephrase that, DELTARUNE’s world is a different one. With different characters, that have lived different lives. A whole new story will happen…

“I don’t know what you call this kind of game. It’s just a game you can play after you complete UNDERTALE if you want to.”

And if neither of those PS4 experiences fit in with your plans for the weekend, you can always wait for the big PS Plus May 2019 announcement.

Sony has been on a roll this year when it comes to the monthly PlayStation Plus refresh, and fans are hoping it will continue.

But when it comes to when the big news will drop, it appears fans will have to wait until May.

Sony usually announces their plans on the last Wednesday of the month; this would be followed by releasing the new titles on the first Tuesday of May.

However, due to how the days fall, the first Tuesday of May will be the seventh. So unless Sony leaves a gap between the announcement and the launch of their new games, we can probably expect the news to drop on Wednesday, May 1.

It will mean a longer wait than usual, and it’s something that Sony has done in the past to make sure their PlayStation Store refreshes stay routinely timed.

If Sony does decide they want to change their scheduling for PS Plus in May 2019, you can be sure of an announcement in the coming week.

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