PS Plus Extra and Premium July 2023 games release date, time and full line-up

PlayStation Plus subscribers are counting down to the release of the Extra and Premium games for July 2023. The next wave of PS Plus Extra and Premium games have a July 18 release date for PS4 and PS5 users. The new games include a selection of recent releases, as well as old-school classics from the PSOne era of games, including the first two Twisted Metal games. This ties into the release of the upcoming Twisted Metal TV show, which Will Arnett, Anthony Mackie and Neve Campbell.

The Twisted Metal games will be available for Premium subscribers, alongside Gravity Crash Portable, which originally launched on the PSP back in 2009.

As for the PS Plus Extra games, the line-up is headlined by the sublime co-op adventure It Takes Two.

It Takes Two was created by the director of the equally brilliant Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, as well as A Way Out.

The PS Plus Extra line-up also includes gory third-person shooter Sniper Elite 5, as well as Snowrunner, World War Z, The Ascent and fan-favourite role-playing game Undertale. 

“Explore a rich RPG world full of strange and delightful characters where violence isn’t the only answer,” reads the Undertale description.

“Dance with a slime…pet a dog…whisper your favourite secret to a knight…or ignore all of that and rain destruction upon your foes. The choices are yours—but are you determined enough to prevail?”

Undertale won a boatload of awards when it launched back in 2015, as fans praised its novel approach to combat and storytelling.

Other games joining PS Plus Extra in July include Melty Blood: Type Lumina, Dysmantle, Circus Electrique, Dynasty Warriors 9 and Samurai Warriors 5.

That’s on top of family favourites like SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom and My Little Pony, as well as driving games such as Fast and Furious, and Monster Jam Steel Titans.

The line-up launches just 24-hours after Microsoft announced plans to revamp its own monthly subscription service.

The platform holder is scrapping Xbox Gold in favour of a new service titled Xbox Game Pass Core.

Automatically replacing Xbox Gold, Game Pass Core gives subscribers the ability to access a library of more than 25 games, including Among Us, Dishonored, Doom Eternal, Fallout 76, Halo 5 and Hellblade. New titles will be added “2-3 times a year”.

That’s on top of the ability to play online multiplayer, similar to Xbox Gold.

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