PS Camera Adapter Bundled With PSVR In US From Late Nov

New PSVR owners in the US and Canada won’t have to go out of their way to get a free PS5 camera adapter – it’s coming bundled with the headset from the end of this month.

PlayStation today confirmed that anyone that picks up the Iron Man VR bundle in those regions from late November will have the adapter included for free.

Meanwhile, PlayStation Europe also confirmed that the adapter will be included in the PSVR Starter Pack from late November, too, though Reddit already spotted those bundles out in the wild. The adapter was packaged into Japanese bundles in later October.

You’ll need this adapter to plug your PlayStation Camera into PS5 which, in turn, is essential for using the headset on the new console. Sony’s new HD Camera for PS5 doesn’t work with PSVR, so don’t buy that as a replacement. If you already have the PSVR headset, you can apply to have the adapter sent to you for free.

Elsewhere, a handful of PSVR games have confirmed that they’ll perform better on PS5, including Blood & Truth and Firewall: Zero Hour. But new PS5 games themselves can’t support the headset, so Hitman 3 and No Man’s Sky VR won’t feature PSVR modes on PS5 despite supporting the headset on PS4.

We said that PS5 is an amazing console with disappointing VR support last week but, at that time, Sony hadn’t revealed that any PSVR games would have specific PS5 updates. We’ll be making sure to try out any titles with new updates and reporting back as they come in.

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