Prepare For The Alaskan HeatWave In Upcoming Guerrilla Group Simulator

Indie video game developer and publisher Perimeter Games recently announced HeatWave, the studio’s first video game. The announcement sweltered in with the official HeatWave Trailer on the studio’s YouTube channel, and the game is also listed on Steam with a TBA planned release date.

Perimeter’s website actually shows HeatWave with a Q4 2022 planned release date, along with two other video game WIP titles. Aye Captain is labeled a modern pirate simulator, with a Q3 planned release date, and the Witch Hammer narrative adventure game shows a release date of ‘soon’. That’s a fairly impressive-looking roster of incoming games from an indie studio that only launched in March of this year, right as the COVID-19 pandemic began rampaging across the globe.

According to the trailer and Steam page, HeatWave “is a sandbox, non-linear guerilla group simulator”, with a combination of adventure game, strategy game, and managerial game mechanics. The game’s theme is survival, as you’re placed in command of an armed guerilla group struggling to survive in the year 2080 in a world on the brink of collapse due to global warming. As the story goes, the US government “has decided to abandon the cut off territories in Alaska and focus on saving the mainland.” Russia and China team up to take advantage of the situation by invading Alaska. Abandoned and cut off, Alaska’s citizens form themselves into guerilla groups in order to withstand and hopefully drive off the invaders.

HeatWave will feature the ability for you to gather and command your own guerilla warfare group. You’ll be able and expected to train and equip your faction for survival in the Alaskan wilderness, and against an armed force that outnumbers your own. You’ll be able to set the rules of engagement, adapt to the harsh environment, set internal faction laws, and build structures and even entire bases deep in the forest.

Stranded from major areas of civilization, you’ll have to adapt and improvise with limited resources, which means you’ll have to learn and teach basic survival crafting skills such as how to make weapons, tools, medicines, and other necessary items from natural and looted materials. You’ll also have chances to visit other settlements, and engage in diplomacy in order to trade for essential items, recruit personnel, and to gain and complete quests. If you do well, you’ll have a chance at possibly bringing these other settlements and factions together into one large army to fully repel the invaders and take back Alaska.

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