Popular Skyrim Mod Removed By Bethesda

When you have the reputation for brilliant-but-buggy games that Bethesda has, you can't really afford to get on the bad side of your modding community. The studio has (mostly) fostered a good relationship with these dedicated fans, albeit with occasional missteps like the paid mods debacle. That's why a current drama over in the Skyrim modding community is so surprising.

For some reason, Bethesda removed a fan-made bug fix from the Skyrim mod page on console. "Reconciliation: Skyrim Anniversary Edition Ultimate Patch" was created by user Snipey360 as a competitor to the monstrously popular Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (USSEP), which some users have found issues with due to its size. Despite seeming to have permission from all the mods it borrowed from, Bethesda removed it without explanation, leading some to believe that the company is showing favouritism towards the USSEP mod.

"Snipey360 a member of the modding community on r/skyrimmodsxbox decided to try and make a heavily requested bug fix compilation to rival USSEP, not replace", explains unseriously_serious over on the Skyrim Mods subreddit. "A mod takedown with no response from Bethesda on what looks to be bogus terms is legitimate cause for concern and has understandably inflamed the console community who have been trying to reduce their reliance on USSEP".

The Reddit user believes the takedown was due to the fact that the mod could be a competitor to the more popular USSEP, as a version of Reconciliation that does require USSEP to be installed has been allowed to remain public.

The reaction has been wholly negative, with fans calling Reconciliation to be reinstated. Console players are particularly irritated, as the non-USSEP version of the mod would give them much more free space to install other creations.

The most likely cause of the takedown is Bethesda believing it breached the copyright of other creators, and therefore broke its terms of service. Snipey360, for their part, has attached a list of mods they used for Reconciliation, stating that they were either all open for use, or they sought permission from the creators.

It appears that Bethesda has not responded to requests about the takedown at the time of writing.

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