Pokimane Feels She "Hasn’t Lived Life At All" Due To Streaming And Covid

Being a streamer can be a taxing job. For some, it's as simple as going live and playing video games, but for others, it can feel as though their whole life is built around entertaining others rather than living for themselves. Pokimane recently opened up on stream about feeling like she hasn't "lived life at all" due to young start and covid.

In a clip tweeted by Dextero, Pokimane talked about the affect covid had on her 20s. "For anyone else in your 20's, did you come out of the pandemic and covid feeling like, 'two years of [the] fun part of my life were just stolen'?" She asked. "This is very much compounded by the fact I grew up streaming. I've been streaming since I was 17. I never really allowed myself to have a normal life. One day I woke up and it was like, 'Boom. You're 25 and you feel like you haven't lived life at all.'"

It can be hard to hear that rich and famous people who seemingly have a great life feel anything other than grateful. The reaction the the clip on Twitter has been fairly negative. One user wrote, "she has more of a life than most of us…also millions in the bank…i refuse to accept this as much as I respect her as a streamer."

Another wrote, "millionaires will find anything to cry about my god." Obviously, Pokimane is able to reap the benefits of a successful career, but with streaming, the job can often be all-consuming – especially for women who have to deal with a lot of creepy parasocial interactions. Pokimane's feelings on always being on job have been reported in depth by Wired.

A lot of people seem to think that women who stream are stealing views from men and using their looks to game the system. However, Twitch's end of year stats revealed that of the most watched 100 streamers, only two were women, with Amouranth ranking at number 33 and saddummy at number 85.

Many on Twitter were quick to point out she gets to go to many events due to her high-profile on Twitch, they aren't always glamourous, and they're still work. Streamer Maya was denied a bathroom break at the recent Twitch Rivals event, and believes she was roofied at a bar after.

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