Pokemon Sword & Shield’s Bea Shows Off Her Martial Arts In This Sifu Mod

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has been scorching sales charts while fora commentors have been scorching it for different reasons, but the series obviously still exerts a massive pull on gamers. This extends to how the games have inspired tributes, fan-made creations, and mods.

While attention on Sifu may have cooled since it launched all the way back in February, the the kung fu fighter has inspired a furiously devoted sub-community who appreciate its qualities. The game is inspired by a range of movies, from Oldboy to The Raid, and has a filmic look that creators have been using to stage their own in-game movies using mods. The latest mod however adds a distinctly Pokemon gym vibe with a great-looking model of Sword & Shield's Bea.

The mod comes courtesy of serial modder 'user619' who is based in the US and has been creating various mods for different games and takes paid requests as well. It's unclear whether the 'Pokemon Sword And Shield Bea Mod' was for a request or just something he wanted to make, but it is an impressive creation nonetheless.

Just check out the pics, his Bea is one screen grabbing presence. It's not a random inclusion either. In Pokemon Sword & Shield Bea is a gym leader known for her fighting skills. That's not just Pokemon fighting but actual martial arts. Bea is the gym leader of the game's Stow-on-Side's gym, and specialises in Fighting types while she herself knows karate, and when defeated she gives out the Fighting Badge to trainers.

While Sifu uses kung fu, at least Bea knows martial arts and could conceivably handle herself amongst the game's goons. She also appears to be a formidable figure as depicted in user619's mod, her height and overall figure giving her a towering presence. For Sifu players on PC looking to use this well crafted character model then they can give the Bea mod a go.

User619's 'Pokemon Sword And Shield Bea Mod' can be found over at Nexus Mods here.

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