Pokemon Sword & Shield Distribution Event For Genesect, Volcanion, And Marshadow Coming To North America

GameFreak and Nintendo love to give away cool Pokemon, and throughout October and much of November Sword & Shield owners can get their mitts on some truly legendary ones – Genesect, Volcanion, And Marshadow. Well, they're technically Mythicals as they're event Pokemon, but you know what we mean.

As reported by Serebii, Genesect and Volcanion will be distributed throughout the US and Canada at GameStop between October 16 – 29, and Marshadow will arrive just in time for Halloween and be available at Target between October 30 – November 12.

Volcanion is the only Fire/Water-Type Pokemon out there, and boasts a whopping 130 base Special Attack stat. Who needs Groudon and Kyogre when you can have both in one? Marshadow is just a cute little guy, a Fighting/Ghost-Type introduced in Sun & Moon. Despite its small stature, it packs a fast punch, with 125 base Attack and Speed. Genesect needs no introduction. The cyborg Pokemon has been wowing fans since Black & White.

Europe already got these Pokemon recently, so you North American trainers have some catching up to do. If you've been wondering why you've seen these 'mons around more, now you know.

This is great news for people on the competitive circuit, as season 13 of VGC has recently allowed Mythical 'mons into the fray – an absolute game-changer for the meta.

In other Pokemon news, we recently saw a 14-minute gameplay trailer for the upcoming Pokemon Sword & Shield. It revealed a new Girafarig evolution, Farigiraf. Say that five times super fast.

Most importantly of all, you can now bathe your Pokemon, including the mangosteen queen herself, Tsareena. The EXP share is here to stay, new breeding mechanics are in, and you can now craft TMs using scavenged resources.

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