Pokémon Sword & Shield: 10 Quickest Ways To Grind Your Party To Level 100

Many players of Pokemon Sword and Shield have completed the story by now as well as the stories of the two DLCs. What’s next? Well, many players resort to breeding the perfect Pokemon and/or grinding their Pokemon to level 100 to combat those post-story blues.

Luckily, with the latest DLC out, grinding your Pokemon to level 100 is now easier than ever. With the Crown Tundra, players now have access to more Pokemon that are higher levels in the wild and can battle higher level double battles in the Galarian Star Tournament. Of course, those are just a few of many tools at a players’ disposal for grinding to that 100 level mark.

10 Experience Candy

The real deal for leveling Pokemon up as quickly as possible is Experience Candy. These did not exist in previous games, and they are far more potent to leveling up than Rare Candies.

How much they can level up a Pokemon depends on their size. For example, Extra Small Candy will yield 100 experience points and Extra Large Candy will get a Pokemon 30,000 experience points. With items like this, who needs battles?

9 Rare Candy

Just because Experience Candy exists does not mean that you should just ignore Rare Candy. Rare Candy works a little differently, as it does not have a certain amount of experience points that it delivers to your Pokemon. Instead, it just guarantees a level.

Due to this, it is recommended to save your Rare Candies for your highest level Pokemon.

8 Grind Raids

So where does one get a steady supply of Exp Candy and Rare Candy? While you can trade BP in the Battle Tower and, with luck, find these items in the wild, the best way to get these items is through Raids.

While Raid battles do not get your used Pokemon experience, it will get you plenty of Exp Candy and Rare Candy. The more stars a Raid Pokemon has, the more rare items you will get, so be sure to prioritize those.

7 Play Online

If you Raid grind, you will definitely want to play online instead of solo. If you play solo, you will be paired with weak NPC characters for your Raids. Not only does this make it more likely that the Raid Pokemon will defeat you, but it will take a far longer time to defeat the Raid Pokemon. That is not ideal for grinding.

For quick battles, you will definitely want to play with friends or at least online strangers.

6 Traded Pokemon Earn More Experience

If you are still deciding which Pokemon you want to level up to 100 and want to do it fast, then consider the fact that traded Pokemon earn more experience.

A crazy idea that players can do is trade Pokemon with a friend and then have the friend quickly raise their level and trade them back. It can be a “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours” situation. Some Pokemon even evolve when traded, so that is something to consider.

5 Optimize A Raid Team

Another piece of advice when it comes to grinding raids for Exp Candy and Rare Candy is that you want an optimized Pokemon team for just Raids. That means you may not want to necessarily use the Pokemon that you are trying to level up.

Pokemon that are best for Raids include Eternatus or one of the legendary wolves, Zacian and Zamazenta.

4 Do Poke Jobs

While they will get you far less experience than grinding battles or feeding your Pokemon candy, Poke Jobs are still worth utilizing just for the fact that you can do both at once.

Poke Jobs work in real time, so while you are off grinding Raids online with an optimized team, your other Pokemon can earn a little experience with these jobs. It certainly can’t hurt.

3 Camp

Not all players care for camping, but it can increase a Pokemon’s friendliness and give them an experience boost. This is especially true for the curry making feature.

Perhaps you can grind experience for your Pokemon while also trying to complete the Curry Pokedex?

2 Grind The Galarian Star Tournament

The Galarian Star Tournament is unlocked once you complete the Crown Tundra DLC story. It is a better place to grind than the original post-game tournament, as all the Pokemon teams have a higher level here with the expectation that you are stronger too due to the DLC content

Also, it can be fun to slowly unlock the different trainers you can partner up with. Try winning with each trainer at least once to unlock them all.

1 Get The Lucky Egg

This item is very important and should be the first thing a level grinding player should seek if they do not already have it. This is because the Lucky Egg can increase the experience a Pokemon gains by 50 percent if they hold it (this does not affect Exp Candy though).

To get the Lucky Egg, you need to already be the Champion. To to the city where Nessa’s gym is and visited the restaurant, The Captain’s Table. Do a quest for the chef behind the counter, then a second, and after completing the third quest he will give you the Lucky Egg.

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