Pokemon Sword and Shield LEAKS: Full Pokedex, starter evolutions, new Pokemon ‘REVEALED’

Pokemon Sword and Shield leaks looks to have revealed the entire Pokedex for the highly anticipated new Nintendo Switch game.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is just over a week away, with the latest offering from Game Freak having a global release date of November 15.

In the run-up to the Pokemon Sword and Shield launch Nintendo has bit-by-bit been teasing new Pocket Monsters heading to the game.

Pokemon Gen 8 critters that were officially revealed so far include Shield’s Galarian Ponyta and Sword exclusive Farfetch’d and Sirfetch’d.

But ahead of the Pokemon Sword and Shield launch it looks like a major leak on ResetEra has revealed tonnes of details about the latest Pokedex.


In a post online it looks like the entire Gen 8 Pokedex for Pokemon Sword and Shield has leaked.

We’re about to go in depth about what these Pokemon Sword and Shield leaks outline, so if you don’t want the game being spoiled look away now.

The Pokemon Sword and Shield leaks claim that the Galar Pokedex will have 400 Pocket Monsters – excluding Mythicals.

It’s claimed that there will be 81 new Pokemon and 13 Galarian forms in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex.

The ResetEra post has a complete list of the Gen 8 Pokemon, and reveals the forms and names for the starter evolutions in the new Pokemon game.

Grookey is said to evolve into Thwackey followed by its final evolution – Rillaboom.

Sobble will reportedly evolve into Drizzile and then into Inteleon.

While Scorbunny will allegedly evolve into Raboot and then Cinderace.

In total there are 94 new Pokemon in the Gen 8 Pokedex, according to leaks.

The ResetEra leak also revealed a diagram showing returning Pokemon for the Sword and Shield Pokedex.

Pokemon Sword and Shield producer Junichi Masuda previously spoke about the need to balance the upcoming Pokedex and limit it.

Masuda-san said: “We need to be able to prioritise new gameplay ideas.

“We need to be able to find a way to balance the right number of Pokémon and also still introduce new ways for players to enjoy the game, new gameplay ideas to keep the series fresh and enjoyable far into the future”.

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