Pokémon Snap 2 announced in new Pokémon Direct and it looks wonderful

The latest Pokémon Direct has revealed a new puzzle game, a Pikachu teeth cleaning app, and mega evolutions for Pokémon Go.

Never mind PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, the most important video game announcement of the last 20 years has finally happened: a new Pokémon Snap!

It’s literally called New Pokémon Snap and while only a few seconds of footage were shown it looked great, and hopefully a worthy follow-up to what is essentially a lightgun game but with a camera instead of a gun.

It wasn’t explicitly stated, but the game does still seem to be on-the-rails, although it’s not a remake as many of the pokémon featured are from newer games. There’s no release date, but apparently it’s ‘coming soon’.

The Pokémon Direct was very short, barely 10 minutes long, and seemed to be a prelude to a bigger announcement due next week on Wednesday, 24 June.

What that could be is a mystery, as it’s much too early for a new sequel. That means perhaps a new remake (Diamond and Pearl has often been rumoured) or a brand-new title.

It could also be the previously announced Detective Pikachu 2 game, although that doesn’t seem quite significant enough to deserve its own Direct.

In terms of what else was announced in this Direct there was Pokémon Smile, a free smartphone app designed to encourage your child to clean their teeth properly. Really.

There’s also a new puzzle game coming to smartphone and Nintendo Switch called Pokémon Café Mix, which is also free-to-play but contains in-app purchases. It seems okay-ish, but a bit random judging by the way you interact with the mess of icons you’re meant to be matching up.

Things were a bit more interesting for Pokémon Go though, which has successfully transitioned to being a game you play in your home while the pandemic is still going on.

All this year’s Pokémon Go Fests will be digital-only events, plus mega evolutions will be coming to the game sometime later this year.

Although right now you can get a Galarian Farfetch’d and outfits based on the new Isle Of Armor DLC for Pokémon Sword/Shield.

Speaking of which, that DLC launches today, which is presumably why the Direct was scheduled for now – although it didn’t really spend much time on it.

There was an announcement for a new Max Raid Battle against mythical pokémon Zeraora though, with the special caveat that if over 1 million players beat it then everyone can get a shiny version too.

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