Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s First Tera Raid Battle Is Dragon-Type Charizard

We’re inching ever closer and closer to the release of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Today’s music video (featuring the lovely musical talents of Ed Sheeran) showcased several new Pokemon, a whole lot of the Paldea region, and also came alongside press releases that set the stage for post-launch events coming to Scarlet & Violet.

As first spotted by Serebii, the first Tera Raid Battle event will include a new Dragon Tera Type Charizard. From December 1 to December 4, and from December 15 to December 18, black Tera Raid crystals will send trainers to take on a "Charizard with the Mightiest Mark." Charizard does not normally appear in the Paldea region, so this might be the only way to encounter such a Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet. In addition, this Charizard will have Dragon as its Tera Type, finally providing Charizard with the typing that seems most appropriate after decades of being merely a Flying/Fire-type.

For those who haven’t kept up with the latest Scarlet & Violet news, the new gimmick for the latest gen is Terastralization, which causes Pokemon to evolve into crystalline versions of themselves. These Tera Pokemon are not only stronger, but they can also have completely new Tera Types associated–such as Charizard gaining the Dragon-typing after Terastralizing. These Tera Pokemon can be encountered in the wild as well as by touching black crystals which initiate Tera Raid Battles, which are similar to Sword & Shield’s Max Raid Battles.

There's also going to be another Eevee-focused event called the Eevee Spotlight. From November 24 to 27, Eevee with various Tera types will appear more frequently in Tera Raid Battles. No word on what Tera types these will be, but an Eevee or even an Evolution with more than a single typing sounds delicious.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will definitely hit the ground running when it arrives on November 18.

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