Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Shinies Are In The Freaking Walls, Man

Shiny hunters, we got even more bad news for you. Not only are the new Gen 9 shinies in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet not all that different from their regular counterparts, but now they might even be spawning inside walls.

As noted by Nintendo Life, fans are discovering that Pokemon can spawn inside out-of-bounds areas such as mountains or terrain, making them almost impossible to catch. Twitch Pokemon streamer RyanWasTakenToo discovered Pokemon will sometimes spawn in walls but will pop out to be just inside the walls, making them visible although still difficult to target.

"They all fell out of the ceiling," Ryan says in his clipped video. "It’s happened again! They're in the walls! You have to check your walls, chat!"

Ryan is eventually able to target the shiny Pawmo that he found, but other Twitter users note that some Pokemon are just totally out of reach. This means that it's possible to spot a shiny inside a mountain through camera manipulations but be totally unable to capture it.

We can just add this latest glitch to the numerous criticisms Pokemon fans have leveled against shinies in Gen 9. A Twitter post from last month showcased the biggest problem with Paldea's shinies: they're not shiny enough. Pokemon like Gholdengo, Tauros, Tandemaus, Ceruledge, and Armarouge look almost identical between their normal and shiny versions, and since shinies in Scarlet & Violet no longer have a sparkle animation or sound effect, you can walk right by a shiny Pokemon and have absolutely no idea.

Admittedly, some Pokemon do have noticeable shiny differences, such as Lechonk, Pawmi, and Tarantula, but they seem to be the exception in Scarlet & Violet. Fans are calling the game's shinies just lazy design and are asking Nintendo to do something to make them more noticeable. I don't think making shinies spawn in cave walls is quite what they had in mind.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have since become the lowest-rated Pokemon games in the franchise thanks to numerous technical issues and curious changes from previous iterations of the series. Nintendo has acknowledged Scarlet & Violet's poor performance on the Switch and has promised further improvements in future updates.

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