Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Players Are Climbing Backwards To Reach Inaccessible Areas

The art of climbing in video games has evolved. The most recent example is God of War Ragnarok, where Kratos carefully makes his way up and over specially designated – and conveniently placed – climbing paths. We've seen this with the likes of the Uncharted and Tomb Raider series as well. However, there is another school of video game climbing, popularly known as Skyriming. It involves defying several laws of physics, and bunny hopping your way up almost any surface.

It seems that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has now taken this school of climbing to its next evolution. As you know, every Pokemon region has areas that are inaccessible unless you either teach your 'mon the required skill or take the long way around. However, if you're faced with a slope that's too steep to climb, you can easily scale it if you face the opposite direction.

As pointed out by Zullie the Witch, you will not slip if you're facing the opposite direction while jumping onto a slope, giving you the opportunity to jump again and make your way to areas that would otherwise be inaccessible without the necessary skill (thanks GamesRadar). "This is probably the silliest, but most useful trick in Scarlet/Violet," Tweeted Zullie. "You can easily get up slopes you're not supposed to by just going backwards."

However, this isn't the only traversal glitch that players have discovered – nor the strangest. If you ever feel like your Trainer is running around a bit too slowly, you can actually pair another controller to your Switch and use the left joystick to make them run twice as fast. While the bunny hopping glitch is still understandable, this one is just weird.

Even the things that work aren't all that great – for instance, players are not happy with the limited customisation and costume options, especially after Sword and Shield nailed the feature perfectly.

It's these kinds of bugs and glitches that have resulted in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet getting a poor reception. In fact, its Metacritic score is ridiculously low, with a user score of 2.9. The critic score sits at 77, which is just one point above that of the lowest rated mainline game in the series, Emerald.

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