Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How To Get Chien-Pao

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet takes the usual pokemon training experience to new heights, introducing the colorful region of Paldea. In a place full of surprises, mysteries, and challenges, you will become the best trainer of this region, while also capturing hundreds of pokemon with your friends.

One of the rarest pokemon out there is Chien-Pao, one of the famed legendary group called the Treasures of Ruin. This icy sabretooth will wait for you hidden behind a sealed door, and you must travel to several places in your quest to liberate it. Here's everything you need to know about it!

Who Is Chien-Pao?

Chien-Pao, also dubbed as the "Sword Of Ruin", is one of the four infamous legendaries known as the Treasures of Ruin. Born from the accumulation of the hatred of those who perished by the sword long ago and having taken the form of a pokemon, this snow feline was brought to Paldea by a foreign ancient empire, sealed behind a chained gate as a caution measure against its dark powers.

However, it still waits for a trainer that's willing to liberate it, and you can make this powerful pokemon a part of your team if you know where to look. Here's how to capture it.

How To Obtain Chien-Pao?

This legendary pokemon can be found to the west of where the Bombirdier Titan fight occurs, a partially hidden platform in the West Province (Area One) zone. You can find it in the location displayed below:

To get Chien-Pao, you must liberate eight stakes that are scattered throughout various regions in the Paldea map. While they're usually easy to spot, some of them are more concealed, and here we'll tell you how to find them.





Stake #1

Go to West Province (Area One), and to the south from the gate where Chien-Pao rests, you will find a hole, and the first stake sitting on top of a platform.

Stake #2

Proceed to the southeast from the last stake, and you should find the second one, sitting on a platform at the side of a mount.

Stake #3

Go to the entrance of the cave in South Province (Area Six), but instead of getting inside, climb with Koraidon or Miraidon to the top part of the entrance and slightly to the right, where the third stake should be resting.

Stake #4

This stake can be misleading, since it's in a cave but not the one you think. From the entrance of the previous cave, go to the right and jump off until you find another smaller cave facing in the direction of the beach. This is a pretty straightforward path, and not too long before you get out, you will see the stake at your left.

Stake #5

This stake will be resting besides a waterfall in the river that goes across South Province's Area Six and Area Four. The most convenient path is to travel from Alfornada Town and descend using Koraidon/Miraidon.

Stake #6

The sixth stake will be resting on top of a higher ground-level to the south of the West Province (Area One) Watchtower.

Stake #7

From the last stake, travel a bit further to the southeast, and you will find the seventh stake somewhat hidden on a corner between two mountain walls.

Stake #8

You will find this stake behind a tree, in the back area of the Cascarrafa Town Gym.

Legendary Battle – Chien-Pao

After pulling the final stake you will hear a loud noise coming from the sealed gate, so you have to go back there and open the door, and Chien-Pao will challenge you to a battle. This legendary pokemon will possess the ability "Sword of Ruin", which lowers the Def stats of your team, so be sure to bring Sp. Atk-focused pokemon against it, since Chien-Pao's Sp. Defense is its weakest point. This legendary pokemon has also a Dark/Ice type, so the best options against him are Fire, Bug, Rock, Steel, and Fairy. However, the best type to use against this enemy is Fighting, since it will have a quadruple damage advantage against Chien-Pao's type combination.

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