Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: All Regional Variants, Ranked

Regional variants were introduced to the Pokemon world back in Gen 7 with Pokemon Sun and Moon. Since then, these new spins of classic creatures have become a mainstay of every generation. Fans were champing at the bit with each new release to see how regions have affected some of their favorites.

In that regard, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are no exception. Paldean forms of previously discovered Pokemon are here alongside new evolutions, as well as completely new species that are based on pre-existing ones. If you're a long-time fan of the series, then these new regional variants will throw you for a loop.

8/8 Paldean Tauros

Tauros has been a single-evolution Normal-type Pokemon since the birth of the series, and it's been a long time coming before this bull got its time in the spotlight. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet breathe some new life into it by creating a black Tauros with three different variations that each correspond to a different type.

While it makes these new forms interesting to catch, the result is also a bit underwhelming. When seeing a new form for Tauros, many expected it to finally receive an evolution (Bouffalant didn't end up being that for some reason), but it remains a single-stage Pokemon that will be looked over in favor of other, stronger choices.

7/8 Wiglett And Wugtrio

When first seeing Wiglett, there are a lot of thoughts that will go through your head. This is a variation of Diglett that buries itself in the sand and pops out. With its white color and long neck, it's a direct parallel to the Ground type we already know and love. But if you train a Wiglett, you'll notice it uses Water-type attacks instead of Ground.

Once it evolves, it becomes a rock with three holes where three separate heads come out. Wiglett and Wugtrio are funny and clever, but they're ultimately just Water-type versions of Diglett and Dugtrio with long necks. The worst part is that they aren't that effective in battle, boasting poor stats that make them ineffective in the late game.

6/8 Dudunsparce

Dunsparce is a Pokemon that has many fans, but never quite received its due. The whole point of it is that it's supposed to be a doofy, borderline useless creature. But tthat hasn't stopped fans and modders from taking matters into their own hands and creating evolutions for Dunsparce that turn it into a menacing dragon.

Needless to say, that wasn't the new evolution we got in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Dudunsparce is basically just a Dunsparce with an extra torso. While it's certainly a funny evolution that goes along with the theme of the original creature, it's easy to see why it would be disappointing for some. Fans waited generations for Dunsparce to get an evolution, just to find out that it would be essentially the same Pokemon.

5/8 Farigiraf

Gen 2 introduced many single-stage Pokemon that would later get evolutions in future generations. Misdreavus, Aipom, Yanma, and many more received evolutions in Gen 4. However, Girafarig was one of the Pokemon still left without an evolution. It was an interesting creature, being a Psychic and Normal type that had a design based on two halves.

It was also the only giraffe Pokemon to date. Gen 9 has finally rectified this by introducing Farigiraf. When Girafarig learns Twin Beam and levels up, it will evolve into this. Farigiraf is much taller and looks much more like the animal it's based on. It seems to be working in tandem with its tail, which is actually another brain. The result is much more powerful than its previous form.

4/8 Wooper And Clodsire

Paldean Wooper is a fun design. Where Wooper was an amphibious Water type, the Paldean version is a Ground and Poison type that prefers to dwell in mud and swamps. It's not far off from the original Pokemon, while being different enough that it's still interesting.

What makes Wooper worth catching in Scarlet and Violet is that it evolves not into Quagsire, but Clodsire. This form moves around on its belly and has spines that can extend from its back. It still retains many qualities from Quagsire, but is its own new species.

3/8 Toedscool And Toedscruel

Toedscool and Toedscruel are forms of Tentacool and Tentacruel. However, they're less of a Palden form situation, and more of a "Wiglett and Wugtrio" type of deal. They are essentially different Pokémon that adapted naturally to the environment of Paldea. They have eye-catching designs, and instead of swimming around in the water, Toedscool and Toedscruel are Ground and Grass types that walk around on their long tentacles.

It's quite the sight to see a Toedscool running away from you. Toedscruel will hop around on its many tentacles as opposed to running. While their drastic change from the Pokemon they're based on doesn't make a ton of sense at first glance, they're still great variations.

2/8 Kingambit

Bisharp was already one of the coolest Pokemon to date. Getting anything else for it would've just been icing on the cake, and that's exactly what Kingambit is. However, it's one of the most difficult Pokemon to obtain in Scarlet and Violet — you have to catch a Bisharp leading a pack of Pawniard. It must also be holding the Leader's Crest when you catch it.

Once it defeats three other Bisharp that are leading a pack of Pawniard, it will evolve. Kingambit takes an appearance based on the samurai lords of old. It desires to avenge those who fall before it and will strike swiftly. It's not only a great design, but a strong addition to any team.

1/8 Annihilape

Primeape always felt like an afterthought. It's a fun Pokémon, being little more than a big angry monkey. However, with so many better Fighting types made before and after it, it's hard to recommend using it. Scarlet and Violet changed the game, though. Primeape can now learn a move called Rage Fist. Once it uses that move 20 times in battle, then levels up, it will evolve into Annihilape.

This menace of a Pokemon is a Fighting and Ghost type. Its anger grew so much that it transcended a physical body. This is a truly menacing and excellent design. Annihilape also has killer stats and moves, making it a worthy addition to anyone's team.

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