Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: 10 Best Pokemon Designs

With each new generation of Pokemon games, the biggest point of discussion is usually the new Pokemon and their designs. Beginning with the announcement of the starters, theories, fan designs, and conspiracy theories run rampant. So it's always enjoyable to take all the new Pokemon in and appreciate their designs over time is an absolute joy.

Luckily, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are quite competitive in that aspect. Despite the game's technical issues, the design is definitely top-notch. These Paldean Pokemon range from adorable to fierce, and all have specific and intriguing design choices. Here are ten of the best Pokemon introduced in Generation Nine.

10/10 Tinkaton

Tinkaton and its pre-evolutions are all small blacksmith fairies that make their own hammers to fight. That is immediately interesting just due to how original of a concept for Pokemon that is. We've had Pokemon that use tools and have 'occupations' before, but not to the extent of Tinkaton.

The in-game animations of these little fairies dragging their gigantic hammers around are just hilarious and cute. Its hammer also looks jagged and hand-made, adding to the lore of the creature. On top of being a great design, Tinkaton is quite strong, too, with the unique Fairy/Steel-type and access to some very impressive moves.

9/10 Houndstone

Houndstone and its pre-evolution Greavard are amongst the many doglike Pokemon introduced in Generation Nine. These ghostly good boys have impeccable designs, striking the perfect balance of unnerving and weird but ultimately adorable.

With perfect coloring and a gravestone for a hat, Houndstone is definitely memorable. When you consider the lonely and needy nature of these Pokemon, their awkward look becomes even more endearing. They are definitely not the most fierce or adorable, but they sure are lovable.

8/10 Armarouge and Ceruledge

Armarouge and Ceruledge are the two different Pokemon that the adorable Charcadet can evolve into. These two Mega-Man lookalikes were revealed before the games came out, and many fans have been interested in their detailed designs ever since.

While they do not fit the mold of animals with superpowers that most Pokemon adhere to, these two badasses definitely look great. Ceruledge has the edgy, badass look down, and Armarouge grabs your attention with a flaming ponytail and shining armor. Armarouge and Ceruledge are two very distinct and well-designed Pokemon.

7/10 Dacshbun

Once Fidough, the pre-evolution to Dacshbun, was teased before the game's release, fans instantly fell in love with the little doggo. The design was extremely imaginative, with a dog that's just dough. It has some hilarious Pokedex entries about how humans use it due to the yeast it breathes out; good stuff.

Fidough's evolution, Dacshbun, is just as memorable and interesting. This time around, your dog is a toasted bun! It's got all the features you want from a dog Pokemon but keeps the whimsy of Fidough intact. It also has a beautifully lore-friendly ability that gives it immunity to Fire-type attacks. This truly is the best dog.

6/10 Koraidon and Miraidon

Koraidon and Miraidon are the cover legendaries of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. As usual, Game Freak appears to have put a lot of work into these Pokemon's designs, polishing them to perfection. This has been the case for many generations, as Legendary Pokemon are supposed to be cool and memorable.

What sets Miraidon and Koraidon apart are their in-world explanations for why they are the way they are and how different they look. They are the ancestor and descendant of Cyclizar, and their looks perfectly represent that, with Koraidon being more scaly and vicious, whereas Miraidon is a futuristic, robot-like Pokemon. You also get to appreciate them throughout your journey as they serve as your ride too, which is great.

5/10 Great Tusk

Great Tusk is the ancient ancestor of the iconic Johto Pokemon Donphan. While Donphan is cool and beloved in its own right, Great Tusk is a definitive improvement upon it. Donphan lacked the ferocity and viciousness you'd normally expect from a Ground-type rolling elephant, and Great Tusk remedies that.

With gigantic tusks, pink colorations and accents added, and a generally larger stature, this Pokemon is what Donphan should have been. You know a design is great when it feels like it could rival Mamoswine. It has a fantastically original typing as well, being part Ground and part Fighting-type.

4/10 Ruin Quartet

A very original set of Legendary Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet is the Ruin Quartet. These are emotions from older times that materialized in a specific element and sealed away. They are all very different and otherworldly in terms of their looks, but they make for some amazing Pokemon.

They each represent their element and stats really well, with a bulkier and sturdier posture for Ting-Lu and Wo-Chien, and more lean and agile looks for Chien-Pao and Chi-Yu. The Pokedex entries of these Pokemon only add to the mysterious lore behind them, but regardless, they are impeccably designed.

3/10 Annihilape

One Pokemon that desperately needed a new form or evolution to stay relevant was the Kanto classic Primeape. Fortunately, Game Freak decided to do just that. Annihilape is the new evolution of Primeape, an absolute monster with the great Ghost/Fighting-type.

Annihilape looks as metal as Pokemon gets, with wristbands, dark gray fur, and bright red eyes. It's also a very fitting evolution for Primeape, as it keeps the angry ape motive going. Annihilape's Pokedex entry even mentions that it's a Primeape whose anger transcends the physical world. Badassery is in full force with this design.

2/10 Roaring Moon

Speaking of badass Pokemon, Roaring Moon is an excellent example of one. This ancient ancestor of Salamence does a lot of things right when improving an already fantastic Pokemon, just like Great Tusk. While Salamence was cool and loved by many already, it looked a bit too smooth and refined for a dragon, especially when standing still.

Luckily, Roaring Moon doubles down on the dragon-like features of Salamence and makes for an incredible Pokemon. It keeps the iconic colors and overall shape but adds lots of details, spikes, and feathery wings, making Roaring Moon a Pokemon worthy of being in a game like Dungeons & Dragons.

1/10 Baxcalibur

When Pokemon designs are being discussed, many conversations lean toward starters and legendaries. However, a very consistent bright spot in Pokemon design is the pseudo-legendaries. These Pokemon generally don't have to appeal to all, like the starters, and thus can be more extreme and risky in their designs, proven by the previous entries.

Of course, even pseudo-legendaries are not all at the same level with some obvious fan favorites. Baxcalibur is a safe bet to becoming one such fan-favorite, without a doubt. This fierce-looking Dragon/Ice-type has some obvious inspirations from Godzilla, just like Tyranitar. Its coloration, spikes, and piercing yellow eyes make for an absolutely incredible Pokemon, fit for the title of pseudo-legendary.

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