Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: Every Ancient Paradox Pokemon, Ranked

The latest games in the Pokemon series, Scarlet and Violet, brought with them a few key changes to the typical pocket monster formula. The games' open world designs, multiple story paths, and Terastallized Pokemon forms are just a few of the innovative changes that Gen 9 has introduced to Pokemon.

One significant new aspect appears in the form of the new Paradox Pokemon, a host of time-displaced alternate forms for some of the games' most familiar creatures. Pokemon Scarlet features a host of Paradox Pokemon from the distant past. Here are our rankings of each one of them, from worst to best.

8/8 Sandy Shocks

Sandy Shocks is one of the more divisive Paradox Pokemon, design-wise. An ancient ancestor to Magneton, this unique Pokemon looks fairly similar to its modern-day descendant, with the addition of yellow eyes, large magnet-based limbs, and iron filings all over its body that look similar to hair.

Sandy Shocks swaps Magneton's Electric/Steel typing for an Electric/Ground variant. As powerful as this typing is, the inclusion of the Ground type takes away some of the defensive advantages that come with the durable Steel typing of its present-day variation.

7/8 Brute Bonnet

Brute Bonnet is the distant relative of the fungus Pokemon, Amoonguss. It's instantly recognizable with its large, Pokeball-like mushroom caps, but its appearance is fairly different when compared to Amoonguss, with four stubby legs, a spiked mouth, and large moss-like green spikes falling from its main cap.

Despite the fact that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet feature a handful of Grass/Dark type Pokemon already (including one possible starter choice), Brute Bonnet has fairly high stats, especially its attack power. Its solid Defense and Special Defense help to make up for its long list of type disadvantages, although other Paradox Pokemon outclass it in a number of ways.

6/8 Slither Wing

The already-gorgeous Volcarona bears a strong resemblance to Slither Wing. This Bug/Fighting type Pokemon's main differences are its extra white fur, extra spikes adorning its head, and the stylish yellow and red coloring of its eyes and wings.

Slither Wing has a high Attack stat and some solid Special Defense, making it a heavy physical hitter. Its Fighting typing helps to accentuate this, although it's regained its weakness to Fire types.

5/8 Great Tusk

Great Tusk is Pokemon Scarlet's variation of Donphan, presenting the elephant Pokemon in an ancient mammoth form. Its design is excellent, with its large tusks and spiked trunk making it truly appear as though it's been dragged forward from the distant past.

Great Tusk is a hard-hitting, physical Pokemon, with tremendous Attack and Defensive stats. Its unique Ground/Rock type combination leave it with a handful of type disadvantages, but if you're an aggressive player, you can wipe out opponents before they're able to land a hit.

4/8 Scream Tail

One of the more humorous-looking Paradox Pokemon, Scream Tail is an ancient form of Jigglypuff. Its tiny, adorable fangs, flowing ponytail and prehistoric markings give its design an enjoyable mix of cuteness and savagery.

With only a handful of weaknesses, Scream Tail's Fairy/Psychic typing is excellent, as are its defensive stats. Combine that with its high HP, and this ancient Jigglypuff is surprisingly a tank of a Pokemon.

3/8 Flutter Mane

Flutter Mane's design doesn't hide the fact that it's the Ancient form of Misdreavous. Adding in a few new colors to it's long, flowing hair and eyes, it doesn't alter Misdreavous' already-strong design much, but it also looks like something that the more modern variation could easily have evolved from.

Flutter Mane's special Attack and Special defense are certainly the highlights of its stat line, and although it has low Defense, the Ghost portion of its Ghost/Fairy typing helps to mitigate its physical weaknesses. Completely negating Normal, Dragon and Fighting-type moves, its only weaknesses are Dark and Steel, making this one of the most imposing Paradox Pokemon around.

2/8 Roaring Moon

Fan-favorite Pokemon Mega Salamence received an ancient Paradox form by way of the Dragon/Dark type Roaring Moon. It's one of the most elaborately designed Paradox Pokemon in either game, with its humongous and majestic wings, spiked blue body and striking red underbelly. This may be a version of Salamence from the ancient past, but it could easily pass for the Pokemon's evolved form.

Roaring Moon has a ton of Attack power along with a solid Special Defense stat. Its list of resistances is long and includes many of Pokemon's most common types, including Fire, Water, Electric and Grass. Roaring Moon is a powerful Pokemon that would be a beneficial addition to any player's team.

1/8 Koraidon

First appearing as your mount through the entirety of Pokemon Scarlet's main story, Koraidon is later revealed to be the Ancient Paradox form of Cyclizar, and is eventually available to be added to your team. With its imposing figure and majestic, wing-like feathers, it's one of the most well-designed cover stars in Pokemon's recent years.

Stat-wise, Koraidon is an absolute monster. A Fighting/Dragon type, Koraidon was born to be an offense-heavy beast, and its high Attack stat boosts that, though nearly all of its base stats land at 100 or higher. Its numerous Defensive type advantages help balance this Pokemon out, making it one of the best Paradox Pokemon available.

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