Pokemon Releases Trailer For Anime’s World Coronation Series Finale

Pokémon Journeys: The Series, the latest arc of the Pokemon animated series, is coming to a close. The English dub of the third season, called Pokémon Ultimate Journeys, will air on Netflix starting October 21. However, Japanese Pokemon fans are already aware of Ash’s standing in the top eight finals, and a brand-new trailer is hyping up the final showdown.

For those that don’t want to be spoiled before the English dub is released, better skip this one.

After an unprecedented winning streak, Ash has beaten every foe that has come before him, bringing the final battle down to Ash and Leon, the Champion of the Galar Region’s Pokemon League. With Ash’s dream team of Dragonite, Gengar, Lucario, Sirfetch'd, Dracovish, and of course, Pikachu, the lovable loser may finally become the greatest Pokemon trainer to ever live.

Although the trailer is entirely in Japanese, you can tell that all of Ash’s friends and companions have come out to cheer him on in the finals. We’re only shown the barest snippets of the actual final match, where it seems like Sirfetch'd and Pikachu have a rough time against Leon’s team of hardened (and evolved) Pokemon. It’s anyone’s guess who will win the Coronation Series.

For those unaware, the last big Pokemon arc has all been about the Pokémon World Coronation Series, which brings trainers from all over the world to compete in a global championship. Although the series includes parts of Sword & Shield, characters and Pokemon from all throughout the games and anime make appearances in Pokémon Journeys, making this final season a real showstopper. There's even speculation that the show will finally retire Ash Ketchum as the star should he actually win.

Japan will know first when the final episodes air. The next episode airs on October 21, with the final showdown being presented over three episodes.

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